Learned that over the past few years - people  disappoint you . When you needed to talk to them  and they turn their back on you as if you're  a nothing.  Learn some compassion ... sometimes it  is not always about you . I hope you remember  who was there for YOU  when times were tough

Everybody isn't your friend . Just because they hang around you and laugh with you doesn't mean they are your friend. At the end of the day, real situations expose fake people, so pay attention. Let the church say AMEN!

Narcissists are opportunists that put on a fake mask/persona. If you are "real" and authentic, your chances of being the narcissists target are very high.

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"I hate the fact that some people get judged for being real while some are getting loved for being fake" Narcissists are opportunists that put on a fake mask/persona.

Creating circumstances and then not liking the outcome.  For some people, drama and accusations are all they have and enjoy.

Too many people play victims to crimes they created. Suck it up, own up to it, and move on. Life is not far and it's not meant to be far.

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Please don't be fake. I hate fake people. If you don't like me I'd rather you just say it to my face and not stand there and act like you like me

Hmm yep I know a couple in particular. They TRY to conceal their "narcissistic" personality but I can see right through it. Not fooled one bit! It's all about them and they are beyond desperate for attention. Sadly there are people that fall for and are blinded by it.

No one needs to boast of their kindness, happiness or badassiness.if you do re-examine yourself because I can promise you, you aren't. Right Mistie?

Good people may have bad moments, but the good always comes out. No one is all good or all bad, but we do choose which side to feed every day and what we decide, becomes who we are.

Ain't that the truth.fake, manipulative people lack intergrity be a good person instead faking

If i distanced myself from you It's because your not adding value to my happiness                                                                                                                                                                                 More

"I distance myself from people for a reason." Yup, I'm far too sensitive when it comes to absorbing peoples energies around me. So I need this alone time to re-calibrate heart and mind aka positive energy flow~