Make A Homemade Curly Bow Perfect For Homemade Gifts.

Make in two halves as they tend to ? nicer on the present. Cut a strip of wrapping paper about cm wide. Fold the longest side of the paper in half to cut strips of fringe in less time. After cutting strips about cm wide, unfold the paper

Recipes, ideas and supplies to create your perfect Christmas hampers

How to Make Your Own Handmade Christmas Hampers

Gift wrapping can either be an delicate art or a case of crumpling paper until it fits and slamming on some tape for good measure. When you’re organised and have time it’s a beautiful t…

Creative Gift Wrapping with Scotch Tape

DIY Gold Leaf Marble Gift Wrapping Paper - Use this free printable with some gold leaf!

Personalised Marvel Avengers Superhero Wooden Box Frame name

Personalised Marvel Avengers Superhero Wooden Box Frame name

Really Cool Super Hero Compression Shirts, OFF! Available for purchase, shop now while supplies last!

handmade paper birds garland bunting by seagirl and magpie |

Handmade Paper Butterfly Garland

Lovely inspiration for a wall decoration for an end of Seasons for Growth Program celebration. Participants could cut out bird shapes from patterned paper and affix them to lengths of cord.

Gift wrapping with a card pocket. Smart!

Your ultimate gift wrapping guide Billy Mullen, Licensed Realtor in Fort Worth, TX

Easy Ways to Store Gift Wrapping Supplies

Corral wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, and other holiday gift wrapping supplies with these easy storage projects you can finish in a weekend.

Flip the stool upside-down to stash a supply of wrapping paper, and hang any extra tools on the legs' cross bars. Get the tutorial at Home Talk » -

21 genius upcycling ideas for everyday household objects

Upcycled Kitchen Stool Gift Wrap Caddy - Wrapping paper can be an absolute bear to store unless you spend plenty of money on specialty storage containers.

Stash a couple sets of ready-to-grab towels on the inside of your closet door to make it easy for guests or young kids to find the ones they can use for their next shower. See more at Organized Mom »

13 Tricks for Organizing Your Chaotic Linen Closet

Gorgeous Paper Bows, these look so lovely on brown paper parcels. Learn how to make them today.