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These Kitchens Will Never Go Out of Style

Billy Cotton History in the Making Holiday 2013 * Vintage touches, such as wainscoting and hanging copper pots and pans, respect the old-school authenticity of the kitchen’s architecture, despite its gadgets.

This idea is a two-for-one: not only does this use up wasted space above your sink, but it also serves as a drying rack for pots and pans. Hang and let them drip dry after you wash them.

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Hanging pots and pans is an effective way to clear out those kitchen cupboards and stop the clutter.

The wall next to your stove doesn't have to stay blank: Use two rails and S-hooks to hang pots and pans, and store lids safely between the rails and the walls. See more at The Order Obsessed

Hang pots and pans on towel racks to create more cabinet space! ~~~ Dang this is better than my current method. May have to switch! My lids are taking up a whole shelf

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DIY Kitchen Decor: A rail at the end of a cabinet is a perfect use of wasted space. Hang pots & pans from it.

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Rails are one of our kitchen storage favourites. They’re especially good for big storage users like pots and pans and mean that everything is always findable and easy to grab too.

Rather than use space in her cabinets, blogger Anita Diaz added a piece of reclaimed wood to her kitchen island in order to hang cutting boards, pots, and pans.

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Island idea-Heavy, clunky kitchen tools, like cutting boards and colanders, fit awkwardly into cabinets — so why not hang 'em on the outside instead? This way they'll be easy to grab and put away. See more at Far Above Rubies

~Easy hanging pan rack. I love the industrial feel, but old pipes would be awesome for this

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Add a touch of country style to your kitchen. This pot and lid rack mounts to the wall freeing up cabinet space. A 24 cast iron bar is firmly

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