I miss you always                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

I would love for me to have a picture of him in a picture frame on my computer desk. I miss him wholeheartedly/sincerely/truly/truthfully/deeply/forever and love just the same but more & more each second of each day. Bear misses you u_u Heartbreak.

Love is... Missing You !!!

Love is.Sometimes I jump into bed just to think about you.

Check out the comic HJ-Story :: Falling (Girl ver.) Loved & pinned by http://www.shivohamyoga.nl/ #loveis #hjstory #love

Quite a few people requested for a girl’s version of the “Falling” so here it is!

HJ-Story :: Love is… sharing happy moments together! | Tapastic Comics - image 1

HJ Story - I’ve been eating non-stop during my trip to Canada and Kate’s appetite continue to grow during her final days in her pregnancy! If all goes to plan, the baby should be coming next month…

Check out the comic HJ-Story :: Growing Together

A long time HJS supporter Philina, commissioned me for this drawin. It was a gift for her bf, celebrating their love and growing together. It was a pleasure and had lots of fun drawing it :)

Out of no where / "...how my love story started..."

I receive question from time to time asking me how I my love story started. and I thought this would be my most accurate answer. support HJ-Story on P. Out of no where