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I like how the honey/jam jars are designed to fit in the packaging, she shape is unique. I like how there are different forms to make up the one, and how they all fit together nicely.

typography & packaging design    honey by { designvagabond }, via Flickr

Bee raw honey - packaging loveliness, can you imagine doing the test tubes with flavoured simple syrups like ginger, lavender, etc.

like this packaging very much: simple, clean and different to the usual honey-design ;)

Honey packaging with tear away label revealing traditional looking twist off cap. Love the columnar design of the glass bottle.

Karnos Honey on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery

Karnos Honey

Karnos Honey—uses a simple shaped container and brings honey design elements into the label

the coolest packaging i've seen for honey. it looks like an art installment or interactive piece even.

Made by bees Packaging. There may be lot's of honey/bee inspired packaging out there but the way these fit together look stunning.