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Blaise - Ian Nelson, Gette's boyfriend, tricked into trapping her in the Underwoods by Nicolette, went to try and rescue her and become trapped himself

Alexander "Alex" Hayes - Ladies' man - Computer whiz - best friend of Sebastian and Jung-Lee

Jon Dursley, despite being the youngest and smallest of his family (and of most ppl around him tbh), is very aggressive and a bully. Or as James likes to put it, "a scrawny git"

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1x09//4x02... Just look at younger derek in the last pic tho... lol! He will always be cousin Miguel

Just look at younger derek in the last pic tho. He will always be cousin Miguel

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File:Teen Wolf Wikia Behind the Scenes Ian Nelson to play Young Derek Hale.

Czyli uzupełnienie do opowieści, fakty, których nie znacie i mały dod… #losowo # Losowo # amreading # books # wattpad

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I want him to look at me like this. Pin me to a tree. And make out with me. <<<what is wrong with u.

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