She just sank to the floor, a silent scream echoing through her head as her fists beat against the floor. But the thoughts wouldn't stop, the stream unending as she poured out everything that had been trapped inside. She wept as he bled out in the next room, howled as he gasped. Until they were both empty and gone. -JK

Miscarriage You were unsure which pain is worse-- the shock of what happened or the ache for what never will.

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The worst type of crying.No one knows my tears. Because I cry alone. No one wants to hear of my pain, so I keep it all to myself. How sad is that? After hiding it for so long, I feel like a pro at it.

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biggest fear after losing someone I care about....

I will not forget your laugh! I'm two quarters and a heart down. And I don't want to forget how your voice sounds. These words are all I have so I'll write them. So you need them just to get by. Dance, Dance - Fall Out Boy

It hurts for someone to be all u need but u always feel like you're not enough!!!! I'll fallback before I keep losing or feeln like I'm always getn the ass end if the stick or a temp fill in

You're still my person love quotes quotes quote sad heart broken relationship quotes picture quotes - Your broken heart will be mended .when someone unexpected presents theirs!