monroe makeup 50s

Le look années 50 : maquillage et esprit de l'époque

1950s- Marilyn Monroe photographed by Andre de Dienes in 1953 ... beauty and health is NOT super skinny!!

30 Photos of Marilyn Monroe Not Giving a Damn

Gorgeous, curvy, voluptuous ladies ♥ beauty beautiful cute pretty sexy hot classy fashion modern diy simple color season style cool dress outfit clothes hair makeup real women plus curvy figured shoes pants♥

Marylin Monroe

Jeudi Vintage : Marilyn Monroe & Arthur Miller

Marilyn Monroe, from a photo set by Alfred Eisenstaedt “I never quite understood it, this being a sex symbol. I always thought symbols were those things you clash together! That’s the trouble, a sex symbol becomes a thing. I just hate to be a.

Marilyn Monroe dans la propriété d Arthur Miller a Roxbury, Connecticut, 1958. par Sam shaw illustration en 3ème de couverture de l excellent hors série de telerama "marilyn" 2012

What a great picture of Marilyn! Makes her look like a beautiful girl next door instead of a glamourous Hollywood diva.

Les plus belles tenues de Marilyn Monroe - Tenue 3

Marilyn Monroe en 30 tenues mythiques

Melody King Komisar and Co 1953

13 Rare Photos Of A Dressed-Down Marilyn Monroe Looking Cozy

Little known fact, she was an extremely talented actress and quite intelligent. Melody King Komisar and Co 1953

Marilyn Monroe Video Archives — Marilyn Monroe 1952

Marilyn Monroe Video Archives — Marilyn Monroe 1952

Marilyn Monroe pour Chanel N°5!3

Essence de musée

What do I wear in bed? Chanel of of course Miss Marilyn don't we all wear only perfume to bed?