Looking for an easy way to practice multiplication for kids? This game only takes two minutes to set up, but can be played again and again to challenge kids and incease multiplication fact fluency. Plus, you can adapt it to work on other skills as well!

Spiral: Easy Way to Practice Multiplication for Kids

Math Practice Card Game - Roll dice, multiply die & card value. Right answer stays, wrong answer must go back to original spot

This FREE multiplication facts game makes kids want to practice their facts!

We've "Mathified" The Squares Game!

Want a fun, no-prep multiplication facts game to use in your math centers tomorrow? Read about how we've "mathified" the popular squares game to practice multiplication facts!

area dice game 2

Practice finding area with this game! -- We know the kids at Bulldog love a bit of healthy competition which makes this Area Dice Game a perfect way to practice math & planning skills.

These first grade printable math games are perfect for math centers! There are 48 different games that are all black and white and only need cubes, dice, and some crayons to play! Addition, subtraction, number sense and more skills are covered! Head over to see more!

Math Games for the Whole Year!

These 10 math games will kill down-time in your class forever!  Total game-changer!

One Minute Math Games: 10 Games to Kill Down-Time Forever

These 10 math games will kill down-time in your class forever! Total game-changer!

If you're not making time for math games, your students are missing out! Check out these 5 math games every classroom needs to play!

5 Math Games Every Classroom Needs to Play

Make Ten Math Game                                                                                                                                                                                 More                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Miss G loves playing all sorts of card games, so when I came across Make Ten, a simple game that focuses math skills and uses just a generic deck of cards, I knew it would be a total hit. The idea came from this awesome book that’s brand new called 100 Fu

Hey friends!  As we all know, multiplication is HUGE in 3rd grade!After teaching what multiplication is and all the different ways to multiply...we turn to memorizing those facts.  Because let's face

3 Multiplication Games Your Students Will Love (All About 3rd Grade)

3 Multiplication Games Your Students Will Love These games totally work on the huge skill of mentally learning multiplication facts, which is a big emphasis in grade. So they directly align with CCSS