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Card: Set the rainbow free The butterflies are just different clipart I've found on picture-search-sites. I recolored them in photoshop, printed them on matte photopaper, cut them out, chalked the edges and added some glitter to some of them!

Ein bisschen Regenbogen. Ich mag Regenbögen aber nur streifen ist langweilig. Das bunt gemischte in unterschiedlichen Formen.

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color: This painting represents color because this piece dosnt show just one emotion. It could represent many emotions because of the colors that are used. Also because of how bold the colors are.

Although pink is not really in a true rainbow...It's in my rainbow....

Although pink is not really in a true rainbow.It's in my rainbow.What colors are in your rainbow?

have you high five'd a rainbow today? now is your chance.

neon in nature

One of my ideas is a rainbow theme. Where each scene is two colors like pink and blue. One person is pink and the other is blue and cointinues down the colors.

sunset color; Source: http://colour-rainbow.tumblr.com/post/25567950409/click-for-the-most-colourful-happy-blog-ever

This beautiful sunset is one happy colour scheme. Though black is not considered a happy colour however when it's amongst the colours of the rainbow you can't help but smile when you look at this nature's beauty!

Facebook Photo of the Week (April 19th ~ April 25th

Facebook Photo of the Week (April 19th ~ April 25th