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Here is Which princess next? Comment below!s: I updated my RedBubble shop (AhmadArt). You can purchase prints, books, stickers etc of my artwork on it!

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Tangled Art Print

Could This Amazing Disney and Dreamworks Animation Art Lead to Four-Way Crossover Movie?

Disney Heroines + meaning of their names

Disney Heroines + meaning of their names<<< also since lettuce means never give up. They changed her original name from rampion, a type of lettuce her mom needed to give birth!

Find out which disney princess you dress like. Not all results will be accurate.

Which disney princess do you share fashion sense with?

We all want to be a disney princess, but the truth is they're just so unrealistic! Here's what century silver screen heroine you would embody in real, real life.

Lost princess bangle

Let your power shine, let the clock reverse bring back what once my mine.

This will help very much with drawing rapunzel's dress!

flower-gleam-and-gloww: “Rapunzel has a very complicated costume, and good reference photos are hard to come by! I took it upon myself to put together a detailed, in depth explanation of her costume and how it works. I hope it is descriptive enough.