Looking for inspiration? Try one of these team name ideas for Tough Mudder

Great Team Name Ideas For Tough Mudder and Mud Runs

The importance of a great team name for Tough Mudder and some of the best team name ideas to choose for mud runs, obstacle races like Spartan Race and muddy events

The Best Running Team Names We've Seen: Cascade Relays | Relay on Us.

Funny, clever, and creative running team names from relays over the past few years. Relay on us to help you figure out the perfect name for your next race.

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Fitness - I am a very goal oriented person, running and training give me an outlet for my competitive personality.

The color run was originally founded in 2012 to promote the health and happiness of runners everywhere. Currently in more than 30 countries, the average color run is 5k. You start off with wearing all white in the beginning and end plastered in color. If you are starting your own team, the following list of […]

49 Clever Color Run Team Names

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