Inspirational Sanskrit sayings from The Henna Sourcebook. Use anywhere!

Craftside: How to write Sanskrit sayings from the book Henna Sourcebook

5 incan laws and ancient scriptures

30 Cool Sanskrit Tattoos

"Everything happens for a reason" in Sanskrit. ..perfect idea for next tattoo-I say this daily

"Everything happens for a reason" in Sanskrit.perfect idea for next tattoo would be an awesome spine tattoo

30 Cool Sanskrit Tattoos,,

30 Cool Sanskrit Tattoos

2 Spirit Tattoo - San Francisco, CA, United States. "Courage" in Tibetan Sanskrit by Ben Volt

Ahimsa tattoo// totally want and i like the placement

Literally translated, Ahimsa means to be without harm; to be utterly harmless, not only to oneself and others, but to all forms of life, from the largest mammals to the smallest bacteria.

24 loving kindness altruistic joy empathy equanimity

30 Cool Sanskrit Tattoos

done by Squire at Trilogy Tattoos, fantastic! means “kindness, compassion, empathy, equanimity” in sanskrit . they’re principles i try my best to live by (:

White ink sanskrit symbol on back neck via Denise Steiger

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