For those of you who watch Pretty Little Liars, this is something that Spencer Hastings would wear

20 Maneras de quitarle lo aburrido a tu uniforme escolar

I have been seeing this look a lot lately. I love the knee highs with the peter pan collar and blazer jacket. frickin cute use of thigh highs with long jacket and short dress! Please find an outfit like this!

Infanta Edward Boarding School Jacket Skirt Set $103.99 - Lolita ...

This is a fuvking boarding school uniform ! If this is my uniform u swear I would wear it everyday 😍 Infanta Edward Boarding School Jacket Skirt Set

Xoxo, gossip girl  channeling my inner "B" with this look  deets:: #liketkit

Lily:: the skirt was a little too short for your liking since I was always around my guy friends and they were of course flirts. I walk back inside the school when the bell rings and I feel you tug my skirt down a bit "Hey!

French Toast – Leaving Class

My parents somehow managed to enroll me in this school as a girl. I have long hair now, wear a uniform skirt, and do everything the other girls do, why not go to a movie with a boy?