Space Suit - Saiful Haque

Non pressurized, semi transparent carbon suit. Alien planetary air consists of breathable oxygen allowing researchers to wear a bio-hazard suit that reflects.

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Brilliant Spacesuit Timeline

i like the navy mk iv suit (the one directly left of the orange one) the best. definitely the vibe im going for .alles für den Gentleman - www.

Col. Rigel (Lightweight EVA suit) Full Suit

Rigel (Lightweight EVA suit) Full Suit Built and designed in Marvelous designer and Max.

Super Punch: Space suit design

Zhodani Vacc Suit Design (non-military) [Space Suit concept by Zaryuta - Alexey Zaryuta - CGHUB] девченка кастюм космас трико

Company by Brent Schoepf, via Flickr

This photo of (I assume) an astronaut is wearing a patch that says "someone still loves you"

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'Prometheus': EW exclusive pics!

We know Ridley Scott is great at making Sci Fi movies and he definitely made the right move by getting Chalize Theron in a space suit! What Alien is going to want to harm her? Prometheus comes out next week…

X-Rays Reveal the Insane Innards of Space Suits | Wired Design |

X-Rays Reveal the Insane Innards of Space Suits

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artissimo: space suit by saiful haque d'artiste: Character Design From one science fiction lover to another.

Jean Shrimpton - April 1965.   Edition of Harpers Bazaar. Edited and photographed by Richard Avedon.

Jean Shrimpton in a NASA spacesuit, photographed by Richard Avedon for Harper’s Bazaar (the space-age edition of April

The X-ray of this helmet made in 1964 reveals ball bearings in the neck ring that allowed the helmet to move right and left without restriction. Photo: Mark Avino, Smithsonian Institution

X-Rays Reveal the Insane Innards of Space Suits

X-ray of spacesuit helmet made in by Mark Avino/Smithsonian Institution