Now you see them: Tattoo artist, Rodolpho Torres , from São Paulo, has built up an Instagram following of 1.2 million; all because he specialises in stretch mark tattoo camouflage (pictured)

Tattoo artist makes stretch marks vanish by BLENDING them into skin

Tattoo artist, Rodolpho Torres, from São Paulo, specialises in stretch mark camouflage. He minimises the appearance of the pesky marks via strategically-placed ink, creating an optical illusion.

Beautiful mermaid scale tattoo with blues and purples mixed in.

This incredibly clever take on a mermaid's fin:

Black & Gray Flower Tattoo

Black & Gray Flower Tattoo

Upper Side Thigh Flower Tattoo Idea for Women

25 Badass Thigh Tattoo Ideas for Women

Upper Side Thigh Flower Tattoo Idea for Women Browse through over high quality unique tattoo designs from the world's best tattoo artists!

17 tattoos that prove scars and stretch marks are works of art

Stretch mark cover up tattoo

This Artist Transforms Stretch Marks Into Stunning Works Of Art. Artist Cinta Tort Cartró paints women’s stretch marks in rainbow colors to promote self-love>>>is it possible to tattoo stretch marks? Because I want mine to be permanently rainbow. scars help you see the stars./7/#/7

Your scars help you see the stars.

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Stretch mark tattoo

Inspiration for tiger stripes tattoo. What better way to show off your stretch marks/mama stripes?

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