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Just FO - you've got your new slutty ego feeder . ᗷe gone peasant 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

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-Sings like The Weeknd- " Live For Today, Plan For Tomorrow, Party Tonight, Party Tonight.

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"Pardon My Swag" I thought this was so true after coming back from 2012

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No shit already go find some originality of your own. No wonder everyone that knows you fucking hates you. You are a psychotic fucking bitch and copy and stalk people even when they say leave me alone already. You are one sick individual.

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Ironic that today's kids say the word 'swag' as something meaning 'cool'.shouldn't they be told this is what it really means? --tell me mow you third grader that I don't have swag. S has swag!

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A confident girl doesn't show off her naked body. She shows off her naked face. ~ so you're ok with sexting pictures of your crotch but won't show your face.

Quotes My circle is small because I am into quality not quantity.

Quotes My circle is small because I am into quality not quantity.

Start each Day with a Grateful Heart - such a wonderful quote. Download and print this quote for free in 3 different colors!

Start each day with a grateful heart. Cool inspirational, motivational and positive quote about living each day. Teal typography on a simple white background. Save for inspiration.