In his trials, Ted Bundy always made sure to address his female fans. Bundy believed that the more supporters he had, the more the jury would be swayed into thinking he wasn’t capable of horrific acts of kidnapping, rape and murder. Although many groupies were so deluded that they believed Ted Bundy was actually innocent, others were not so gullible and dyed their hair brunette and parted it in the middle so they would resemble his victims more.

Ted Bundy laughing in court as witness falsely identifies cop instead of him as abductor

Carol Boone, Ted Bundy, and their daughter, conceived on the sly in the prison visiting room.

We’re not usually a true crime operation here at the Order of the Good Death, but Sarah Marshall’s original piece on Ted Bundy (and spectacle, evil, and earthly remains) warmed our death…

The 14 Creepiest Ted Bundy Quotes

The 14 Creepiest Ted Bundy Quotes

A rare photo of serial killer Ted Bundy before his arrest.

Rare photo of serial killer Ted Bundy, taken by his fiancée, Liz Kendall. The VW Bug would be a lot of victims last ride.

The bite mark that led to Ted Bundy's conviction. Pure lunatic. He caused me to take an interest in learning about how wacko minds work, considering he was so close to home.

These Photographs of Serial Killer Ted Bundy's Crime Scenes Will Make You Be Extra Sure You Lock Your Doors Tonight


Eerie Activity Reported At Ted Bundy’s Childhood Home - Some spooky things are happening at serial killer Ted Bundy’s childhood home A contractor hired to remodel the childhood home of serial killer Ted Bundy rep

Ted Bundy Victims Autopsy - Bing Images

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