Tiger :Illustration:Gallery:Concept: by JAW Cooper

This first one is for a tattoo design for a friend from work. (I rarely accept commissions for tattoo designs.) And a quick sketch of a.


Lovely and colorful tiger head tattoo on left hand finger. Tiger looks realistic with all the typical features, So minimal and so magnificent!

Asiatique tigre tatouage temporaire - tatouage temporaire SomaArtTattoo - poignet devis tatouage autocollant faux tatouage mariage tatouage petit tatouage de corps

My Kitten Temporary Tattoo - SomaArtTattoo Temporary Tattoo - wrist quote tattoo body sticker fake tattoo wedding tattoo small tattoo

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tiger gazing up at the stars of a universe much larger than itself. It is that hopeful curiosity we all have, wanting a life that fulfills our dreams and love for a larger life. Help us free these dreams of the North Koreans.

Tiger Ink - Cédric Stéphane Touati

Tiger Ink - Cédric Stéphane Touati Love the pose of the tiger would want something like this but in a tradition tattoo style 😍😍

Tiger, by Liu Jiyou  刘继卣 (1918-1983)

Liu Jiyou (1918-1983)

Liu Jiyou Liu Jiyou 刘继卣 was born in China in a little village that was surrounded by nature in His father was an established painter of animals and flowers. He grew up surrounded by.