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THE AUTOBOT HIERARCHY Revised December 2009 This is my vision of a relatively uncomplicated organizational Autobot chart. As it includes every single named Autobot, some of them could be consid.

The Dinobots. Oldschool cool. It was a little disappointing that Sludge (Brontosaurus, yes I know they've been discredited as a real dinosaur) was not in the new movie, but it was awesome to see Grimlock, Strafe, Slug, and Spike.

The Dinobots. A group of Transformers that I loved when growing up. Back when I was a kid, I grew up watching the transformers on screen.

Say the opposite well hehehe....... just don't

and i thought waiting 3 months was ridiculous--i feel seriously bad for everyone who's still not on after :/

Transformers bumble bee. one of the coolest and funniest guys.

Transformers (2007)

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This new Transformers series is a crossover series witch means The Autobots will team up with some of the action heroes cartoon characters.

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Transformers Autobot Logo

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tf baymovie human by on DeviantArt<<<<Humanized Transformers too much cuteness I think I'm gonna blow up