4 Bridgman Frederick Arthur La Jeune mauresque, Campagne D Algiers

Gallery of Arabic painters sells 400 middle east art Arab, drawings and Arabian oil painting; all islamic art is Arab paintings by famous artists.

4 Bridgeman Frederick Arthur In the Courtyard

The Athenaeum - In the Courtyard (Frederick Arthur Bridgman - )

Friday Table, 2013–14, by Ghalia Elsrakbi and Lauren Alexander’s two-person  collective, Foundland, in their show “Escape Routes and Waiting Rooms.” JULIE JAMORA/COURTESY THE ARTISTS, EDGE OF ARABIA, AND THE INTERNATIONAL STUDIO & CURATORIAL PROGRAM, NEW YORK

“Audiences are understandably tired of the polarizing and dominant narratives of the mainstream media and political conversations,” Stephen Stapleton, co-founder of the arts non-profit Edge of Arabia, tells me on an afternoon in July.