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Fashion designer, fashion designers, emerging designers, fashion design sketches. What worked for fashion designers and how to build your own fashion brand by…
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BATIK PRINT: How it works || We interviewed this manufacturer-  In this article you will learn: - What is Batik Print - What is the process to do Batik Printing - What are the challenges associated with it - How to work with Batik Print manufacturers - How is Batik India keeping the art alive - Why is it so easy on brains but difficult on hands. ✨ If you want to get interviewed or featured, please go ahead and MAKE YOUR PROFILE through the link in our bio and DM us after.
Jewellery Designer in China MEET THE MAKER: YANG ATELIER  I spend a lot of time in talking and supporting my clients, especially independent designers. One of the most common traits or problems, to be honest, is that by the time they contact me, their inspiration has had progressed to an idea.   Continue reading her challenges in the interview
Handloom Weaving Manufacturing - Yarn to Garment + Tips to deal with Handloom Factories. . Quality control is great since everything is in-house.  We just ask the workers to give us the best production in a comfortable time frame. Nobody can match our quality. We have asked them to provide us with error-free products since with handlooms, as you rightly said, there is a possibility of errors. . Continue reading

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mulberry.craftsmanship www.utelier.com
Loro Piana: Linen Tweed
Haute Couture in the Making - fashion atelier; fashion design behind the scenes - the creation of a couture dress // Valentino

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What Clothing manufacturers Want Fashion Startups to Know  IN THIS ARTICLE YOU WILL LEARN THE FOLLOWING:- Clothing Manufacturer's conversation with us- Fashion Startup and a Factory sample conversation- What the Manufacturers want you to know- How to Set a Good First Impression?   Continue reading on Utelier Insider Blog
FAST VS SLOW FASHION Making a choice between fast fashion vs slow fashion may seem like an obvious choice, yet it is not an easy choice for many to make.One has moral implications while the other is more practical and economical. So what is it to be? Read more on blog.
MADE IN BRITAIN With Brexit looming over us and the louder and louder voiced opinions and encouragements to keep as much as possible “Made in Britain”, Moni Otomoso takes a look at what that means to us really, and how easy is it to make it here or keep it here when the economic landscape as we know it is about to change.  What does the “Made in Britain” label suggest these days? Read more on blog.

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