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Some cat breeds tend to be more or less affectionate and friendly than others. Here is our list of the top 10 most affectionate cat breeds of all time! Cute Kittens, I Love Cats, Crazy Cats, Calming Cat, Cat Ages, Son Chat, Photo Chat, Cat Sleeping, Cat Quotes

How to use visualization to communicate better with your pets. -

Our pets are great at communicating with us but how can we communicate with them in a way that they easily understand? Visualization is a great way to do this.

Do our pets grieve too (when an animal companion dies)? Pet Loss, Grief, Wellness, Posts, Animals, Animais, Messages, Animales, Animaux

Do our pets grieve too (when an animal companion dies)? -

I get asked the question ‘Do pets grieve too?’ quite frequently. Some people feel sure that their pets do grieve when one of their companions dies (just like pets can grieve and pine when their human companions die or when they are separated from them). Other people are more skeptical and see it more …

My husband and I will be going on a long road trip in a week or so. We’ll be gone maybe a couple of months, visiting family and friends around the western U. LarryDog will stay at home, as … Ask A Vet, Dog Training Classes, Dog Anxiety, Separation Anxiety, Old Dogs, Dog Quotes, Anxious, Best Dogs, Your Pet

3 ways to calm an anxious pet -

Why do pets get anxious? Have you noticed that some pets get anxious or nervous when faced with new situations, new people or new animals in their environment and others don’t. The reasons vary. The good news is that there are many ways to ease their suffering and discomfort. Of course, each case is different …

It's Good to Be a Cat Person - Mews and Nips: our weekly round up features cat stories, a video, and more. Kittens Cutest, Cats And Kittens, Cute Cats, Kitty Cats, Pet Trust, Teacup Kitten, Bastet, Dry Cat Food, Owning A Cat

Self care resources for the pet caregiver (so you avoid overwhelm and burnout) -

When our pets are ill or in distress, well do everything within our power to help them. Yet, it's easy to lose ourselves in the the role of pet caregiver, forgetting about our own health and well-being, for the sake of our furry patient .In the long term that's a risky approach. The bottom line is that you have to care for yourself in order to properly care for your pets.

Today, rather than sharing my insights or tips, I'm asking you to share your story and experiences around pet loss. Your pet bereavement experiences matter. Scratching Post, Pet Loss, Cat Supplies, Your Pet, Pets, Walls, Stuff To Buy, Wellness, Wall

How has pet loss affected you? -

Today, rather than sharing my insights or tips, I'm asking you to share your story and experiences around pet loss. Your pet bereavement experiences matter.

Tips for camping with dogs on your next adventure. Take your pups, hiking, exploring, and camping, just make sure to keep them safe. (Camping Ideas With Dogs) Camping Hacks, Camping Bedarf, Camping With Kids, Outdoor Camping, Pack For Camping, Backpacking, Couples Camping, Camping Checklist, Hiking Dogs

How to deal with a pet emergency -

If you have a pet emergency you need to act fast and have a plan. In this post I share my recommendations, including using EFT tapping to calm your pet.

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Is cancer a death sentence for your dog or cat? -

This is the question our minds can go to, the question that eats away at any pet parent who faces a cancer diagnosis for their beloved pet, whether they ever speak it out loud or not. I understand why people ask it. Of course you want to know what the chances are of your sweet …

like cat and dog Cat Pillow, Dog Blanket - Tápiószőlős, Hungary – Szilvia Pap-Kutasi Cute Factor Alert! This cute dog and cute cat are in puppy love. Sometimes everyday life can bring the most special moments to photograph. Animals Beautiful, Cute Animals, Animals Dog, Cat Pillow, Dog Blanket, Pets, Animal Photography, Cats And Kittens, Kitty Cats

3 tips when caring for elderly pets -

Our elderly pets, or Golden Oldies as I like to call them, have been on my mind this week. That’s partially because I’m running my Golden Oldie Pet Love Challenge live this week. Between joining in with the exercises and admiring how others are doing (with clearing their limiting beliefs about their pet’s ageing process …

How Do Cats Get Fleas Fleas those sneaky superlongdistance jumping tiny parasites can cause a lot of unwanted inconveniences to our little purring feline friends and some. Cat Urine, Cat Fleas, Flea Shampoo For Cats, Pet Allergies, Flea Treatment, Pet Safe, Ticks, Cool Cats, In This World

Is your pet itching & scratching? -

There are many things that can make our pet's itch and scratch. In this post we'll look at ways to holistically support our pets when skin issues arise.

Healing With Essential Oils Aromatherapy Oil Uses) Best Essential Oils, Essential Oil Uses, Essential Oil Diffuser, Essential Oils For Tinnitus, Doterra, Ayurveda, Home Remedies, Natural Remedies, Herbal Remedies

Did you know that your pet can self medicate? (Introducing Zoopharmacognosy) -

This week I’m delighted to share a post on the topic of Zoopharmacognosy by the fabulous Rachel Windsor-Knott. I’ve been fascinated with this modality since I heard Rachel speak about it at the Animal Energy World Conference last year. Here’s what she to say about it. Zoopharma What? Yes, that’s the usual response when I …

5 tips for keeping your pets safe and happy this Christmas. Pet Safe, Happy New Year, Your Pet, Christmas Decorations, Merry, Wellness, Posts, Seasons, Tips

5 tips for keeping your pets safe and happy this Christmas. -

Today I’d like to share a few seasonal tips with you before winding down for the holidays. The image above is Baby ‘helping’ me do the Christmas decorating last year, she had a blast knocking everything down as quickly as I put it up. So, before I sign off to go and finish this year’s …

Black and White Bulldog Terrier on Red Pillow Wood Poster - dog puppy dogs doggy pup hound love pet best friend Bulldog Puppies, Dogs And Puppies, French Bulldog Names, French Bulldogs, White Bulldog, Training Your Dog, Training Tips, Training Quotes, New Puppy

3 tips to help you develop your animal communication skills. -

If you're curious about animal communication and want to communicate at a deeper level with your pets, these tips will set you up for success.

4 important life lessons my pets have taught me. Important Life Lessons, Wellness, Posts, Teaching, Animals, Animais, Messages, Animales, Animaux

4 important life lessons my pets have taught me. -

I watched a video yesterday that touched me (there’s a link to it on my Facebook page here). In it a girl with a sweet dog is shown repeatedly focusing on her phone, whilst the dog seeks attention and doesn’t get it, as the girl is so distracted by her phone, even when taking the …

What is energy healing and how does it help our pets? What Is Energy, Healing, Wellness, Posts, Animals, Animais, Messages, Animales, Animaux

What is 'energy healing' and how does it help our animals? -

People are curious about what exactly happens in my energy healing sessions with pets, so I made a quick video to explain what goes on in them, which you can see later in the post. Whilst making that video, I realised that I don’t often talk directly about what energy healing is (even though most …

A simple 'love' based energy healing exercise for pets. The Power Of Love, Love S, Healing, Wellness, Exercise, Posts, Simple, Ejercicio, Excercise

A simple 'love' based energy healing exercise for pets. -

The main exercise that I share in this week’s video is very simple, some would think ridiculously simple. It basically boils down to a recipe of love and intention (an intention to share that love). Now, some people write off the power of love, as being just a woo woo, airy fairy notion, with no …