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Cork City in Ireland, as George Boole would have known it. Using historic photos and engravings in the vicinity of No. 5 Grenville Place, this collection gives a sense of the city which Boole encountered while resident in Cork from 1849-1864.

As you can see, this was gentlemenly attire in Boole's day! Here are men with chimney pot hats at Cork's Custom House 1861
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Custom House

Boole himself saw Cork flood several times; this engraving shows the floods in Washington Street over November 1853.
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Floods in Washington Street

The road up to Sunday's Well is immediately recognizable! This historic photo shows Francis Wise house in Cork, across the street from Boole's lodgings on Grenville Place.

Francis Wise House

The view opposite No. 5 Grenville Place; St. Vincent's Bridge is to the right, but as the bridge was only built in 1878, George Boole would have had to walk the long way round!
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North Mall

St. Fin Barre's Cathedral in Cork, as Boole would have known it! Old St Fin Barre's Cathedral (1735-1865)
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Old St Fin Barre's Cathedral (1735-1865)

Doll's House, neighboring 5 Grenville place at the corner of Grattan Hill. The setting of a novel and a play, it was deemed 'unsafe' and demolished in 1966.

Doll's House

A History of Bachelors Quay, Cork City, Ireland.

Bachelor's Quay