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Why is this so funny

I'm not a Ereri shipper (actually I usually steer clear of these kinds of things.i do not enjoy yaoi ) but I found this hilarious

gif "I give you air from my lungs"- Three Doctors lion-ized | Doctor Who

This is the 2008 MGM logo with 1995 lion roar. The lion you see here is Leo The Lion, the lion used since Video is property of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Stud.

Love Matt!

More Matt Smith quotes :) Which is why he's the BEST doctor.- idk I like tennant

But seriously! Who doesn't love 9?! I'm sick and tired of all the fake Whovian girls who thinks he's so ugly and thinks he's a terrible Doctor because of it. If you think that way about 9 or 12 for that matter, you shouldn't be calling yourself a Whovian. The Doctor is still the Doctor, no matter what he looks like. So if you only watch Doctor Who because you think the Doctor is cute, them you should be thrown out of all respectable Whovian circles.

The Doctor doesn't get the credit he deserves. Admit it, my sassy Doctor was FANTASTIC!

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