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Walking Lightly. Noeleen Watson's First Book of Poems

Walking Lightly. Noeleen Watson’s First Book of Poems

The poems in Walking Lightly told me a story from beginning to end. A story of someone who shows a resilience to survive in a world of uncertainty.

Don't be Like Benny - The Serial WhatsApp Group Leaver.

Don’t be Like Benny – The Serial WhatsApp Group Leaver.

‘Benny left the group’. This is the first message that appears in all our family WhatsApp groups. I do believe there’s one in every family. The Serial WhatsApp Group Leaver. In our fami…

Aromatherapy and Meditation
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Aromatherapy and Meditation

Essential oils are an excellent way of helping you to still your mind and body. With so much going on in your head, it can be difficult to put yourself into a deep state of relaxation.

Mushroom Spotting in Drummin Wood
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Mushroom Spotting in Drummin Wood

My eyes scanned the mossy ridges around the thin tree trunks. I knew what I was looking for; I found it without having to look very hard. Toadstool paradise! Is there anything more interesting than…

Every Hug and Every Handshake - Now I Get it!

Every Hug and Every Handshake – Now I Get it!

Always Smiling and Full of Fun.

Dumping Friend A and Friend B – Rambles of a Raving Writer

Dumping Friend A and Friend B

You can’t beat having good friends. Two of my reliables, Friend A and Friend B, invited me to Donegal for the weekend. They said I needed a wee break. Aw, they’re just lovely…so t…

The Debut Novel Takes Forever
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The Debut Novel Takes Forever

Why haven’t I posted since January? Because this novel has taken precedence over everything. The Gloria brain wants to do nothing else only write the book. The Tasheenga brain wants to be on …

Tears Make a Rainbow.

Tears Make a Rainbow.

Look for the rainbow in your soul!

Thanks for the Invite Shirley.

Thanks for the Invite Shirley.

We got invited round to Terence and Shirley’s for drinkies; to wish each other a happy new year. I was slightly nervous because Terence passed on the invitation verbally to Stephano and there…

My Top 5 Summertime Essential Oils

My Top 5 Summertime Essential Oils

Ireland isn’t well known for hot summers, but it hasn’t been too bad in the last couple of years. But as we all know, we don’t need a heatwave to cause sunburn and skin damage. We…

A Night Out With The Foreigners

A Night Out With The Foreigners

You know when you get new clothes, and you can’t wait to wear them? When you see a good Samaritan taking photos of twenty Americans, run a mile!

Saphirra Can't Wear Hats (Snigger)
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Saphirra Can’t Wear Hats (Snigger)

It’s all well and good sitting at the laptop with my morning coffee, looking out at the snow peaked Mount Nephin, waiting for inspiration for my next chapter (or blog post) – but it get…

Don't Blame the Hound.
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Don’t Blame the Hound.

Today’s post is for Grammy’s Grid. WEDNESDAY WRITING PROMPT LINKUP – ANIMAL 75 WORDS. The tame stag runs, exhausted, falls down Will he live or will he die? One man may laugh, another w…

The Fragrance of Christmas – We Are Holistic
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The Fragrance of Christmas

Christmas is a time for nostalgia and tradition. Traditions are an opportunity for us to create long lasting memories, and the smells that surround us at Christmas time plays a part in creating the…

Satisfaction – My Friday Feeling

It’s all about the Covid-19 these days, isn’t it? Oh…and the US elections, but I’m saying nothing about that. I decided at the beginning of the pandemic that I didn’t …

Rescue 116 in 99words

Rescue 116 in 99words

When I read Charli’s 99 word prompt this week, I immediately remembered the tragic events at Blackrock Island in the very early hours of March 14th 2017.