Gaeilge - mé féin

Gaeilge - mé féin


laethanta na seachtaine . days of the week in as Gaeilge / in the Irish language


An ghaeilge essay essay an ghaeilge, how the fuck am i supposed to write an essay proving christopher columbus was a good guy even though he conducted genocides?

Gaeilge An Aimsir Resource Pack (Irish weather resource pack)

Gaeilge An Aimsir Resource Pack (Irish weather resource pack)

Irish Weather, Irish Language, Irish Sayings, Classroom Displays, Teaching Resources, Student-centered Resources, 5th Class, Vocabulary, Infant Classroom

Beagáinín Gaeilge

Póstaer: Má tá beagáinín Gaeilge agat, labhair í! Beatha teanga í a labhairt.

Aimsir Powerpoint by lbhs2310play via authorSTREAM

Aimsir - Weather / Féach - Look / amach out / an fhuinneog - the window / fuinneog - window / Cén sort aimsir atá ann?

Classroom Signs - Irish

A number of signs/labels in Irish (Gaeilge) to help your students build their vocabulary.