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Mike|Bear|Chic|Bun|Fox by SaitouHime145

Mike|Bear|Chic|Bun|Fox by SaitouHime145

Repin!!!!! U have to repin. Not share. And of course I would keep 'em!! IF U DONT U HAVE NO HEART!! LOOK AT THEM!!

Omg i want you all of you goldie freddy foxy bonnie springtrap Chica.not balloon boy or The puppet there my least favorit Out of all my favorit is bonnie

and yes, i didn't do Ballora she wasn't fitting in the drawing :''))))) FNAF/Sister Location belongs to Scott Cawthon Everyone, please stay in your seats

Stop <<no <<<I'm done with this fandom <<<once you join you can't leave-------- hahaha yes! No turning back now!!!

“Springles, producing and selling chips since “You don’t just eat ‘em, you hide from ‘em!: I can’t belive I’m the only one who thought of this) ”