How to collect old mobile phones

Resources and ideas for everyone who is collecting old mobile phones to exchange for an iPad from Hearts and Minds
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How to collect 165 old phones in 6 weeks

Positive from the start, Bristol Dad, David Anderson, shared every step of the Hearts and Minds challenge to collect 165 old phones to excha.

Hearts and Minds poster

The current Hearts and Minds poster about the iPads for old phones scheme :)

Hearts and Minds: What sort of mobile phones can be recycled and other FAQs

Hundreds of families are now collecting old mobile phones to get an iPad for their child from Hearts and Minds, and the questions are roll.

Proforma letter

Proforma letter for iPad scheme

How Josh's mum collected 185 phones in 4 months

How Josh's mum collected 185 phones in 4 months

Hearts and Minds: What kind of Mobile Phones can be recycled to exchange for an iPad?

Hearts and Minds accepts MOST old mobile phones. However, for the charity to raise funds and to cover the cost of the iPads we cannot acc.

Hearts and Minds: What happens when I've collected all the phones?

You've collected all the phones you need to get an iPad - or your choice of technology gift - from Hearts and Minds.

Phone collecting poster 2

Phone collecting poster 2

Collecting poster 1

Collecting poster 1

Hearts and Minds: Top Tips for collecting old phones

You want an iPad for your child, who has autism, or special needs, or none. You've registered with the Hearts and Minds charity to collec.