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Discover a collection of inspiring examples that showcase the different elements of art. Get inspired and learn how to incorporate these elements into your own artistic creations.
Art Room 104: Art 7: Elements of Art Project Elements Of Art Examples, Visual Elements Of Art, Elements Of Art Space, Drawing Examples, Elements And Principles, Elements Of Design, Drawing Ideas, Elements Of Art Definition, Creative Mind Map

After finishing up our graffiti unit, the next unit of focus in my Art 7 classes was the elements of art. I created a note packet with snipets of worksheets and information that I "borrowed" from Pinterest. Each page in the note packet concentrated on a single element and had some sort of drawing exercise, as well as vocabulary and definitions. These pages took us about two class periods to complete. Then, we were on to the first project. The requirements were that students had to write the…

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Art Texture Drawing Examples Elements Of Design Texture, Elements Of Art Line, Line Art Lesson, Principals Of Design, Zentangle, Value Drawing, Rhythm Art, Teaching Drawing, Texture Drawing

An educational tool that supports artists in honing their skills in drawing and interpreting textures is the drawing texture worksheet. A drawing can increase depth, intrigue, and realism by incorporating textures, which can be tactile or visual. This Drawing Texture Worksheet is perfect for aspiring painters who want to get better at capturing the finer points of different textures. Artists can study and practice with a wide variety of pictures found in this worksheet. The themes include…

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Ms. Eaton's Phileonia Artonian: Elements of Art Radial Review Elements And Principles Of Art Examples, Formal Elements Of Art, Art Elements, Middle School Art Projects, Art Lessons Middle School, Art Lessons Elementary, Art Education Projects, 7th Grade Art, Art Rubric

These are well over due. I meant to post these in Sept, some how forgot to. These are 9x9 inch squares. Students divided the square into 8 pie pieces, 7 of which represent an element of design. This was meant as review to start off the year. I found this lesson off of Pinterest, unfortunately the link to the lesson is no longer accessible for some reason. As much as it displays each element quite nicely I didn't feel it was as effective as I would have liked. Next year I would like to create…

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