Healthy cheesecake recipes

Indulge in guilt-free desserts with these delicious and healthy cheesecake recipes. Discover easy-to-make recipes that are low in calories and high in flavor. Try them out today!
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Delicious Philadelphia no bake cheesecake recipe with easy oat crust, 3-ingredient Philadelphia cheesecake filling, no gelatine or heavy cream involved. With only 6 ingredients this healthier dessert recipe is perfect for summer, and pretty much any time of the year!

Annie Chisholm
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Looking for a low-calorie cheesecake? This easy-to-make dessert is Weight Watchers Cheesecake. Yes, this is a 0 Point Weight Watcher dessert. Whether you are looking for Weight Watchers desserts, or just want a low calorie, low fat dessert, you are going to want to try this recipe. Enjoy this 0 Point Cheesecake as a great tasting treat and don't worry about the points.

Sonia Dancy