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Indian Home Decor

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Home tour - Saswati Hota

Today, we have yet another home tour on the blog which boasts of a unique personality. It's the abode of Saswati Hota from Goa. Saswati is the food column contributor at Goan Espresso and the blogger at Delish Potpourri. She has traveled far and wide due to her husband's posting in the navy and that reflects in the decor of her home. In her own words... "A loving daughter, an incredibly proud naval wife to my man in white, a doting mother to two loveable girls, an avid food blogger, a home chef and many more other identities that define me. Being a defence officers wife for 19 years has taught me what is it like to live out of the box and the inevitable truth that nothing is permanent.This is our 16 th house in our 19 years of marriage!" Are you getting the drift now, my dear readers when I say her home has a unique personality? It’s a crucial task when you are deployed to a new station and moving house every 2 to 3 years. And as they moved from one station to the next she realized housing wasn’t created equal everywhere. Saswati recollects her journey... ''Somewhere we walked into a comfy 5 room apartment and at times we were given a temporary barracks accommodation with one room and a kitchen and sometimes we just made the Naval mess our home till we got a house. And all these moving around and changing various houses has helped my creative juices to flow and aesthetic sense to make my home look bright and beautiful with the available amenities. Due to the continuous movement we cannot afford to overload our furniture but that has never stopped me to be a hoarder of beautiful artifacts. One look at my house and you will know where all we have been posted to, it’s a national integration of home décor. " Love the way she has placed the puppets inside the jharokha. Very innovative I must say! Regardless of the shape and size of your home , when it comes to carving out your own space..our homes reflect our personality and character.Staying in a Fauji house we have our limitations,there's nothing you can do to the structure or quality of the house, the walls, the flooring, the furniture ..so it's a challenge to create a personal space within the limitations. Nevertheless we always try our best to create a space which reflects our tastes and cultural heritage. This masked wall did it for me and I knew this home had to be featured on the blog.Her home signifies the amalgamation of various cultures within India and outside. I love traditional decor,I feel it promises warmth and welcome. We started off by collecting artifacts from different parts of India we visited on our postings and holidays . Our Russia posting helped us in adding some magnificent tapestries, decorative czar czarinas, multicolored matryoshkas ,to our collection.Right now our decor is an eclectic mix of The Egyptian Pharaoh to the crystal Cinderella shoes to our very own Kathakali and Durga masks. Folk art displayed thoughtfully! Goddess Tara...The female Bodhisattva Did you notice those crystal ballerina shoes? This is an impressive cosy nook for a quiet evening chit chat and reading to your heart's content.I saw this pic and dreamt of Goa,(the place where Saswati resides) may be because it has such a calming and peaceful vibe to it! The other areas in her nest are equally serene. She has created a space that talks about her life that is always changing and evolving for the better! Let me share images of her bedrooms and the garden area. The shelves are framed too! Some takeaway tips for you readers from Saswati's home, is that the size of the home doesn't really matter.If you have the decor bug within you, each corner comes alive beautifully! Those planter shelves on the wall are framed, did you notice that? Such an inexpensive way to create a statement wall! I can make out that her navy life has taught her the nuances of creating an impactful decor. Be a little thoughtful, decorate it with souvenirs and pieces that hold meaning to you and the rest will fall in place!

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#Homedecor | Krafted with Happiness

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Whimsically Ethnic Home Tour of Poornima Murthy (Part-2)

After a string of applaud and wowing the readers in Part- 1 (in case you missed it, click here) we are back with characteristically quirky Murthy touches in Part -2. However, the only thing missing from this post is a warning label. Be careful while reading this post, as you might never want to leave this home. Just because Poornima's passion for decor bring a certain poeticism to everything she touches, let me warn you that there is no surface (in the home) is unadorned. Every corner, every wall will give you a visual pop. Being adventurous and classy in the same breath, with every stage of her decor voyage, Poornima continues to push boundaries of decor to exciting new corners. Just because every successful home story begins with a carefully devised corner. I am starting this home tour with a bold yet a total knock-out corner of Poornima's previous home. Before she began to hatch new plans and welcomed new ideas for gallery walls, this was the very first gallery wall she did in her old home. Just like this wall and every other wall in Poornima's home shouts part of her individuality and evokes deeply valued meaning of her culture through her decor. With the cultivated taste and deep passion, Poornima had a clear blueprint of what exactly she wanted when they were hunting down for a place called "home". Poornima prompts: "We went searching for our home more than three years and finally found this (4400 square feet) home that we both instantly fell in love with. This is our happy place, where we did not have to compromise in any way. All the countless niches in this home, got my heart racing ever since I clapped my eyes on them..now, I proudly display my collection in each one of them". With a good beginning and a focused mind Poornima lives with her own interpretation of decor. Masterful mixing is very much of her way of having the best of the both worlds. Gracefully designed with a traditional console table (that mimics the look of a damachiya) from Cost Plus World Market is the focal point here. Layered with clusters of eclectic and global treasures ensure that guests will certainly get a clue of what to expect ahead in Murthy's home. Poornima is not a rule breaker, she is more of a rule ignorer and this attitude is what got her started making and decorating this home at first place. Poornima has brainstormed many ideas ever since the house was under construction phase. Poornima sums up: "Growing up in India, I was already a maximalist with whimsical vintage sensibility by the tender age. Fascinated with doors of a bygone era, I was itching to have one of those show-stopping piece in our home. When this house was under construction, I had visualized one of the niches to have Chandan Dubey's door panels. I jumped on it and reached out to her and placed the order. Unfortunately, we had to cancel the order after learning about the fact about the weight of the doors and hanging it on US walls was bit tricky. Later my accidental search on internet led me to the talented DIY queen Divya :)." Rest is history. The door was executed exactly the way Poornima had envisioned by none other than Desi DIY Sisters about whom I have shared earlier here. Hours are whiled away day-dreaming many of the corners she has created. Poornima is bound by anything but her own imaginations and she has wholeheartedly enjoyed the process. Each room has gone through an intelligent and a deliberate design process. While decorating her walls Poornima was mindful of not wanting to overpower any visitor with her collection but all the rules went out of the window when she actually started to inject a heaping dose of her collection on the walls. Poornima went full throttle and drenched every wall mixing with striking shapes, materials, colors and cultural references...that eventually turned out witty and refined. Mixing old and new, rustic and contemporary is a sure-fire recipe for an exciting and eclectic interior. Poornima's hard work, vision and the ability to take risks factoring in every possibility has paid off well on her walls. Having design guts often leads to interior glory can be proved in Poornima's case by looking at these one of a kind tweaked set of frames. She simply attached few accessories on plain black and white frames turning them into envy inducing pieces....brilliant, isn't it? Her cultivated aesthetic stroke and stylistic thread of DIY continues to run throughout the home. While giving small updates to this deceptively elegant and giant sized mirror from Pier 1 Imports she has given it a major statement. To jazz up the elegance of this mirror, she has used decal stickers imitating the Chetitnad tile look on the borders. Just in an attempt to see how-it-goes-with-what-I-have she personalized the piece and gave it a bold decorative treatment. Her youthful DIY spirit occupies many other corners around the home. Striking a pose in the middle of this collage is an up cycled old bench that Murthy couple manifested into a new avatar. Rest of the wooden frames are also adorned by the art work of Poornima which she fondly defines as trial and error art pieces. To find the far eluded calm in this busy-ness of everyday life, Poornima has created “Yoga-room” within the house. To soothe and enrich the souls, she has added clever touches of Zen elements. Her practical requirement of doing yoga is well served here as declared by Poornima: “We have been practicing yoga for 8 years now. When we moved in to this house, we wanted to have a yoga studio at home. We felt that with a yoga room of our own we can spend the whole hour dedicated to yoga practicing. With the ease of excess to this room, we have no excuse of skipping yoga now. I personally think that dedicating a space to practice is a way to acknowledge our commitment to yoga.” People love color but are afraid to use it or may be not entirely sure how to introduce it into their space. In the case of Poornima, she loves the idea of shaking up her pallet and can commit to large scale color pieces in more daring shades. In a reply to choosing yellow shade for the living room, she replies: “Yellow is the color of sunshine that we very much miss in Seattle area for greater time of the year. Hence, we chose yellow as the color theme for our living area. It definitely helps to uplift our mood and bring positivity during the dark and grey days 😊" Combining chic style and femininity from fabrics to furniture to fixtures hunting in this home is all about vibrancy and comfort. She has left sleek minimalist look at the door and have opted for vibrant layers of texture, color and prints throughout her home but her living room inspires us to be bold while giving a jolt of excitement. Some colors have power to transport you, yellow itself being an energetic color it adds lots of impact here. However, splashy Pichhwai was the starting point for going all yellow. Mr. Murthy who weighs in for every décor decision of Poornima believes in decorating with one focal point in the room, and following his decor mantra, Poornima made the Pichhwai painting a conversation starter focal piece in the living room. Sharing their sentimental attachment Poornima coins: "For a person brought up in India, it is uncommon to have grown up listening to the glorious stories of Lord Krishna. So, we decided on Pichhwai to have as a focal point and started hunting for it. We got lucky to have find an artist on eBay, who happily agreed to customize the painting to match our rest of the yellow theme.” Murthy family’s every room only augment the seriousness of couple’s admiration for our culture and traditions. With Poornima’s vision for the space, elevating a room doesn't mean breaking the bank or spending months under renovation. Adding colorful frames on your plain bare walls can make your home feel grander in a single weekend. Poornima and her husband completed this room on a weekend like a pro and embellish the room. Her collection here is a manifestation of her lifelong interest in sustainable design and commitment to support ethical Indian art and designs. She collected these oleographs from the different sources in India and now they have transformed this space into Murthy family’s own private gallery of sorts filling it with the collection. She knows when the pieces of art come together, they tell a completely different story. Bold pieces and mishmash of furniture and unusual naïve accessories create a witty yet relaxed living space full of drama and narrative in this brightly hued living room. Supersaturated tones that leap from the walls and furnishings makes her happy and lifts her spirit...and she really went for it. Before we wrap up, sharing a richly layered corner in couple’s master bedroom which shows that every room is endowing with personality and soul in Murthy family’s home. This corner however lacks "desi" touch but I still sniff "desi" vibes here with her choice of accessories and decor. Poornima laughingly admits that they both are polar opposites when it comes to home décor: “I am more of an old-schooler who loves the classic look that never dips out of style and my husband likes modern and fresh looking-contemporary style. However, he encourages and nurtures my creative spirit and follows my ideas with blind faith. We have set boundaries with décor style to fit in both of our choices. Family room and master bedroom are the area that he owns and you can see very less antiques/brass artifacts there.” Poornima embraces imperfection, welcomes the charm of worn vintage pieces and prides herself on creating an atmosphere that follows the rhythm of her heart.... after all, the magic lies - as ever - in the mix. As we conclude this part –2 leaving you with a picture of family’s dining room as next we have lined up the heart of the home – Murthy family’s kitchen in part-3. This tad bit long home tour will be a memorable one and will inspire a purposeful living experience for many of us. After all, the home is a place to be celebrated and you deserve to live beautifully. So, go ahead, jump on in, reinvent and refresh your style and to learn how to balance colors, how much and where to use it. I know, after Poornima's colorful home tour, I am at it. Until we meet again with part-3, stay connected, toodles.

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Home Tour: Rashmi Chandra

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A traditional home in the heart of Vijayawada

The last post of the year and let me make it a good one! This post is after my own heart. It is a home tour from Vijayawada and is the abode of Asha Kiran. To begin with, let me tell you, the home is built without any help from interior designers or architects. Asha had her home conceptualized in her mind in a certain manner and she went ahead with it and it has turned out perfect! When it comes to decor, Asha is a traditionalist! Here she lives with her hubby, two daughters and a cute fur-ball! Traditional Indian homes are synonymous with a veranda and large open spaces, sit outs in the front, art work on floors and walls and you find all of that here! So far, I have come across homes that are a marriage of traditional with the modern but this home is purely Indian in all sense. I know, am doing a lot of build-up but Asha's home deserves this and more! So, let me just get started... This is the entrance and notice how it stands out against the high-rise at the backdrop. As you enter... Flower beds, the concrete sit out and Ahh! how can you miss these grand pillars... Look at the Tulsi' maadam' or the pedestal on which the Tulsi is placed! Indians have always considered Tulsi as divine and worshiped the plant due to its intense medicinal properties. And you can spot a niche on the yellow pedestal. This is with the intention of lighting a lamp there! In olden times, they would build these niches in the wall near the entry door for lighting lamps.The lady of the house would light them during evenings and that used to lend such a warm and calming effect! This entryway opens a bag of memories for me. For,ages ago when modernism hadn't caught up with our villages, the houses used to be adorned similarly!The ornate carvings on the wooden door and the painted threshold are just signs of more beauty awaiting you inside! The threshold has painted motifs of elephants, kalash and lotuses ,all signifying auspiciousness and prosperity. Now, as we step inside, you can make out the interiors styled with wood and brass. Asha's kitchen is a treasure trove of brass utensils.She says, she is very much fond of these sparkling beauties. Her favourite places for buying these antiques are Indian Antique Quest, an online destination for authentic antiques, flea markets, Lepakshi exhibitions and the old markets of Vijayawada. I still have vivid memory of my granny's old home which had such doors that opened half way from top, served the purpose of knowing who knocked without really letting them inside! This is the traditional version of our modern day safety doors. Isn't it? The wooden bench like trunk that you see in the above pic serves well as a storage and a sit-out. Being a brass lover, all those utensils make my heart, skip a beat! Asha loves to decorate her home with flowers and that can be seen in the following images This is her prayer room.. Asha tells me, its been 5 yrs since they constructed this home and to me it doesn't look more than a day old! The lotus incense holder creates the right drama at the entrance and of course you cannot miss the sweet bundle of fur-balls who makes his appearance in more than one frame! Now, a much needed tip for all brass lovers shared by Asha... The Original beauty and glow of brass vintage items comes after cleaning with Pitambari powder and swiping it with a dry cloth.The most important step is to then keep them under sunlight.This step is a must to get the best glow. I wish this tip will be useful for all brass lovers. Let me end the post with an image that left an everlasting impression on me... I hope you loved this home tour. I felt so happy presenting it to you folks. As we usher in Christmas and New year, I wish the best for all my readers.We shall meet again in 2018 with more styling tips and more importantly with posts that shall warm our hearts and bring happiness forever!

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These Pictures Of Irrfan Khan's New House Define Perfection In Every Sense Of The Word

Irrfan Khan is one of the finest Bollywood actors today and the way he has been able to strike the right kind of balance between commercial and non-commercial cinema is beautiful. From pulling off a Paan Singh Tomar to Piku, he hasn't disappointed in any of his roles. PinterestHe is a creative person and that reflects in his acting too. If we talk about his personal life, Irrfan Khan with his wife has designed and worked on their new home and it is nothing short of a beautiful masterpiece. The pictures that were released online by Architectural Digest are stunning. #1Architectural Digest #2Architectural Digest #3Architectural Digest #4Architectural Digest #5Architectural Digest #6Architectural Digest

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'The story of my home' - Nehal

Today, we have Nehal with us on the blog, who takes us thru her home. Join me friends and am sure you are going to have a virtual treat ! "We all have a story to tell. and part of the way we do this is through our homes" - Nate Berkus I’m unapologetically obsessed with home decor. Decorating my house to me is therapeutic. My home is my happy place and my creative outlet. And chances are, if you are here and reading this, you like home decor too, which makes me like you already :) My happiness quotient is “joy in life is in the little things”. I am a strong believer of this mantra. My home resonates with all of the above :) My husband’s work called for multiple relocations between countries and that gave me plenty of opportunities to venture into new home projectS. New county,new home,new project!! While a few may find the idea of multiple relocations crazy, for me, they were uber exciting! I thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to it :) Now we are back to India, back HOME, and I am back to my new home decor project! It will soon be a year since we moved to India... With years of travel and stay outside of the country, my home decor style has evolved... While my heart is still true to the warm and colorful palette of Indian colors, it melts to the neat furniture lines and the beige, grey and whites from the Scandinavian and western style. It was overwhelming what path to pursue when I first started thinking of ideas for my new abode. This is when I stopped thinking too hard and decided to let the creative juices flow naturally staying true to my natural style and instincts! As they say, true style has the chance to emerge when you stop worrying about what everyone else is doing, will think or might say... and do what makes your guts grin! Did exactly that! I also think your home is a reflection of your personality and should be decorated in a way that it feels like a real HOME, one which can be actually lived in!! Have tried to achieve that. So here we are - Welcome to CAASA MIA - MY HOME :) PS: They are a zillion things that I already want to change in the house :) Till those changes happen, hope you like Version 001 of CASAA MIA :) Nehal, thoroughly enjoyed visiting your home virtually! Thank you so much for being a part of sajavat, my creative journey! As a decor enthusiast, what struck me most was the vivid use of colours in Nehal's home. The plants, books, frames, rugs and other textiles like cushions, bed elements all add to the appeal without overpowering the other! The flowers in a glass bottle/ vase, stems of Chinese Eucalyptus on the shelf (if am not mistaken) and the fillers are little pretty things which actually helps turn a 'House to Home' I find the lighting fixtures in the kitchen and living room worth a mention, which very well goes with her scheme of decor. Another very noteworthy feature is how the pooja room is done up with heavy wood work, the typical Indian way but how well it merges with the rest of the decor. That reinforces the fact, that decor is all about following your heart. Isnt it? As someone wise said on the golden rule of decorating: 'Live with what you love!'

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