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Manga Comics

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I Ran Away and Got Married

“You’re mine.” When Raphia met her demise after having been used and thrown away by her benefactor, Yuri, she went back nine years in the past. ‘I’m not going to relive that hell!’ Running away from her benefactor, she went to Kasein Soleia, Yuri’s archnemesis, and signed a new sponsorship contract with him. “I shall kill every single person you despise, Milord.” “The necessary role happens to be open, and you might just be the right person for it.” Young Duke. This is a sponsorship contract, right? But why . . . why are we getting married? * * * “Throughout the time I won’t be by your side . . . I will think of nothing but your small, cute head.” That low voice sent shivers down her spine. “I can’t believe you’re leaving. I’ll just . . .” Kasein looked at her sharply as if he was daring her to continue making up excuses. “You have to answer well, brat. Depending on what you say, all the wagon and shoe craftsmen of the Empire might lose their livelihood.” Despite his harsh words, Kasein’s touch was gentle. He couldn’t take his eyes off of Raphia, who strangely grew more beautiful by the day.

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I Became the Tutor of the Royal Twins

An elementary school teacher in her past life, and a private tutor in the present. Sera Popo uses all her past life experiences in her second life. She worked as a high-value tutor for aristocratic children. Her goal is to be the owner of her own school! Then, one day, the Emperor of the Empire sought her out. “I want Miss Popo to be my siblings’ tutor.” Water bombs, flour bombs, bug attacks. What kind of offer did he make? To make her the tutor of a pair of notorious twins with all kinds of vicious pranks! The devil’s temptation shook Sera’s life.>

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두미💛클래스101 on Twitter

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I Thought a Villainess’ Divorce Would Be Easy

I became the soon-to-be duchess who’ll end up divorced when the female lead arrives. Anthea had a sickly body, an awful temperament, and died in an ending fitting of a villainess. “I’ll use this pretty face of mine. I won’t die as a low-quality villainess.” The count is my guardian and I will steal everyone’s hearts in the count’s estate. I would often collapse due to my sickly body, but I was at least able to move. All of this is for the happiness I’ll attain after my divorce. As expected, I had a political marriage, so if I act like a villainess, then I’ll be divorced, but it isn’t easy as I thought? “Goodness, Madam you’re so kind. I’ll follow you forever.” “Our Madam has a pretty face and a pretty heart.” Every bad deed I did was perceived as a kind act. “Wife, if you can’t fall asleep, I can make you tired.” The cold duke, Richard, why are you doing this? Your character has completely changed from the novel. Let’s stay far away from each other. Please stop clinging to me. Because if this continues, I’ll become emotionally attached to you.

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Lady Baby Is a Revenge Maker

In order to survive, she applied to be the bride of the terrifying Grand Duke of Dragon’s heir. “If, I’m aww gwown up, you cwan divowce me anytwime.” [If I’m all grown up, you can divorce me anytime.] “Accepted.” It was nice to be chosen as the political bride of the Little Young Lord. “You’re the one that asked me to marry you first. Don’t think you can run away.” Her fiance turned out to be a crazy little peerless beauty who was the same age as her. “You’re the most beautiful encounter in my life.” Even the war-crazy Grand Duke’s heart was captured by her. “You said you want to help in the family business? Keep bothering me and I’ll punish you with sweet snacks and a blank check!” Just like that, she became the business partner of her grandfather-in-law who was crazy for money. “This isn’t how it’s supposed to be!” The original plan was to get into a contractual marriage and live extravagantly without doing anything. What’s that? The Royal Family made a scheme to stop Sephiel from doing what she wants to do? ‘Since it’s already become like this, I’ll just take everything in the name of revenge…!’>

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The Villain Recognizes the Villainess

I thought I got used to being called a ‘villain’… but even now I’m called a villainess in a novel? Soo-in no longer needed to be a villain, nor did she want to be one. But at one point, she felt something wasn’t right. Everything fit together so tightly, and someone was cleverly driving Beckinia into the ‘villainess’ role. “You’ll never expect to be hit like this. Your place, from now on, I will steal it.” In order to reveal the ugly face of Mianel, the heroine of this novel, she decides to become a villainess once again. Meanwhile, a man approached her. He was Prince Hysis, the half-brother of Raysid, the Prince, who Beckinia once loved. “You can use me. In that regard, I can tailor myself as the lady sees fit, but,' Hysis stopped talking and suddenly looked straight into her eyes. Only then did Soo-in realize what his intention was. The plot’s change was starting faster than I thought. “Would you please cooperate in getting back my original position? From their point of view, this could also be called a rebellion.”>

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Lord Baby Runs A Romance Fantasy With Cash - Kissmanga

Lord Baby Runs A Romance Fantasy With Cash. chapter 0. I lived suffering without a home, religion, or parents, but an angel appeared and reincarnated me. “You, a pro when it comes to romance fantasy novels, would you l

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