Lente House, built 2011 in Yvelines, France, by Karawitz.

cjwho: Lente House, Yvelines, France by Karawitz The clients, a Franco-Japanese family, wish to construct an energy-efficient timber house employing contemporary architectural concepts.

Actually I was trying to get this colour on our bach but it came out more army green. Its hard to know with test pots also lots of light falls on the frontage

Net Zero Energy Homes.  Maryland-Watershed-Solar-Decathlon-20111

/ WaterShed House / Uni of Maryland Solar Declathlon winners 2011 / Photo: Jim Tetro, U. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon

container home

The Container Guest House, designed by Poteet Architects, is a compact living space created using shipping container. The container which serves as guest h

cordwood construction

Mini Wood Log Cabin on Wheels. Music Studio Commissioned by Hans Liberg and designed by Piet Hein Eek // Office in the Garden Idea?


House with Showroom / ao-architekten + Markus Innauer

Built by ao-architekten,Markus Innauer in Bezau, Austria with date Images by Adolf Bereuter . The development process of this project focussed on two essential parameters. On the one hand the difficult, long and.

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Skylight House / Andrew Burges Architects

Challenged to design a spacious residence for a family of six in Sydney, Australia, Andrew Burges Architects developed Skylight House, a compact and functional one-level retreat: “Our brief for this r

Hill Plain House outdoor entertainment area

Hill Plain House: Agricultural Chic Outside; Moody Bachelor Pad Inside