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Pubs all over Ireland! The Irish Pub plays a central role in Irish society. Our iconic watering holes have been active participants in Ireland’s literary, artistic, musical and indeed revolutionary heritage. Our Irish Pubs collection captures some of the country’s most famous and most loved watering holes.
Tynan's Bridge House Bar in Dublin, Ireland. Drawer Labels, Old Pub, Pub Signs, Paper Artist, Special Characters, Bars For Home, Arcade, Irish, House Bar

Tynan's Bridge House Bar

Tynan’s is Kilkenny City’s oldest pub, having been established in 1703, albeit originally as a grocer-pharmacy. In 1919, Michael Tynan took over the premises and converted it into a bar. Its shop-pharmacy heritage is still evident today, given that even as a bar it maintained the shop-pub dual role so common in Ireland in the 20th century. The front bar, into which you enter, still is home to a host of stock drawers labelled to account for the range of supplies and medicines which they would…

Toner's Pub in Dublin, Ireland. Pub Signs, Irish, Posters, Dublin Ireland, Irish People, Poster, Ireland, Postres, Banners

Toner's Pub

Established in 1818, Toners Pub on Lower Baggot Street is one of Dublin’s oldest and best known pubs and was frequented in it’s day by some of Ireland’s literary greats, including Kavanagh and Yeats. It is rumoured that Toners was the only pub whose doorway Yeats would deign to darken. One of the finest examples of the few genuine Victorian pubs remaining in Ireland, old stock drawers still remain behind the bar with curios displayed in glass cases.

The Temple Bar Pub in Dublin, Ireland. Temple Bar, Pub Signs, Irish, Posters, Dublin Ireland, City, Building, Irish People, Buildings

The Temple Bar

In the early fifteenth century, Sir William Temple, the Provost of Trinity College, Dublin, built his house and gardens on newly reclaimed land here on the corner of Temple Lane and the street called Temple Bar.Later his son, Sir John Temple, acquired additional land which, with reclamation made possible by the building of a new sea wall, allowed the development of the area we know as Temple Bar. With this new development and boom in trading, taverns and hostels popped up in the area. The…

The Stag's Head Pub in Dublin, Ireland. Stag Head, Pub Signs, Paper Artist, Travel Posters, Irish, Archive, Mansions, House Styles, Dublin Ireland

The Stag's Head Pub

First established in 1770, the Stags Head was rebuilt in 1895 by the architect, A.J McLoughlin. A veritable shrine to the art of drink..

Slattery's Pub of Rathmines in Dublin, Ireland. Pub Signs, Dublin Ireland, Travel Posters, Irish, Irish People, Ireland, Irish Language

Slattery's Pub of Rathmines

Right in the centre of Rathmines, Martin B Slattery's is a Dublin institution. One of those no-nonsense, authentically old, family-run Irish pubs that doesn’t try too hard, but is incredibly good at what they do, it has been a welcoming retreat for students and new arrivals to the city for generations. They’re also known for hosting some of the area’s best live music upstairs on weekends. The clientele here is mostly local – an eclectic mix of arty hipsters and long-time Rathmines residents.

The Palace Bar in Dublin, Ireland. E Dublin, Dublin Ireland, Irish Times, Old Pub, Fleet Street, Pub Signs, Paper Artist, Travel Posters, Palace

The Palace Bar

The Palace Bar is one of Dublin’s best-loved original Victorian pubs. During the 1940’s and 50’s this old pub became the home of international fame and intellectual refreshment under the patronage of R.M. (Bertie) Smyllie, then Editor of the Irish Times. It was the social home of the Fourth Estate playing host to the newsmen, correspondents and compositors of Dublin’s three daily papers with journalists taking hold of the snug and back room to compose articles and meet “sources” and to this…

The Oval Pub in Dublin, Ireland. Dublin Pubs, Dublin Ireland, Victorian Buildings, Pub Signs, Travel Posters, Irish, Irish People, Ireland, Irish Language

The Oval Pub

The Oval is unique amongst Dublin pubs in that it was caught up in the maelstrom of revolution during the 1916 Rising, again during the Civil War in 1922, and though severely damaged has survived as one of Dublin’s great licensed landmarks. It served its first drinks in 1822, not long afterDubliner Arthur Wellesley, the 1st Duke of Wellington, had defeated napoleon at Waterloo. The Oval Bar is the real deal, situated idyllically in the heart of the City on Middle Abbey Street. Housed within…

O’Neill’s Pub of Suffolk Street in Dublin, Ireland. Pub Signs, Travel Posters, Irish, Dublin Ireland, Street, House Styles, Irish People, Ireland, Walkway

O’Neill’s Pub of Suffolk Street

O’Neill’s pub is located in the exact location of what, during the Viking period, was the city’s "Thingmote", or Parliament. This Thingmote was an earthen mound which stood about 30 metres high and had a circumference of about 80 metres. The mound was used by the Danes as the place where their laws were debated and, when required, enforced. During the sixteenth century, the Coleman family operated a licensed premises at number 2 Suffolk Street, in addition to being grocer, tea, wine, and…

O’Donoghue’s Pub in Dublin, Ireland. Pub Signs, Travel Posters, Irish, Archive, Dublin Ireland, Irish People, Ireland, Irish Language

O’Donoghue’s Pub

Built in 1789 as a grocery store, this legendary watering hole began operating full-time as a pub when purchased by the O’Donoghue family in 1934.

O’Briens Pub of Leeson Street in Dublin, Ireland. Pub Signs, Guinness, Travel Posters, Wines, Irish, Dublin Ireland, Street, Irish People, Ireland

O’Briens Pub of Leeson Street

O'Briens of Lesson Street is perhaps not surprisingly not on Leeson street at all. Rather it's on nearby Sussex Terrace. Within a stone's throw of the Grand the canal, every summer's evening there seems to be people spilling out onto the street, catching the last rays of the sun before the night settles in and they repair inside. Great pints of Guinness, and always with a good buzz about the place, it's a perfect venue either for a few drinks to start the night, or to settle-down for the…

McDaids Pub in Dublin, Ireland. Medan, Pub Signs, Paper Artist, Rest Of The World, Travel Posters, Irish, Poster Prints, City, Dublin Ireland

McDaids Pub

McDaids has always been an infamous haunt for the literary set. Brendan Behan is probably the bar’s most celebrated regular, but the pub was also frequented by Patrick Kavanagh, Flann O'Brien, J.P. Donleavy and Liam O'Flaherty. The premises was once the City Morgue and was later converted into a chapel for the Moravian Brethren, hence the high ceilings and the Gothic style windows. McDaids has been identified by Joycean scholars as the setting for the opening the writer’s story, ‘Grace’.

The Long Valley Pub in Cork, Ireland. General Post Office, Long Valley, Irish Design, Pub Signs, Original Gifts, Paper Artist, Green Christmas, Vintage Country, Long A

The Long Valley Pub

The Long Valley, a Cork institution, was was established as far back as 1842. The bar was bought by the present owners, the Moynihan family, back in 1927, and is now in the care of the third generation. The building was originally used as a stable for horses belonging to the General Post Office just across the way in Oliver Plunkett Street, and subsequent to its establishment, it became a favourite watering hole for soldiers barracked in the city. That may be why it was spared torching by…

The Long Hall Pub in Dublin, Ireland. Long Hall, Irish Rock, Poster Store, Pub Signs, Paper Artist, Rest Of The World, Dublin Ireland, Travel Posters, Bartender

The Long Hall Pub

Licensed since 1766 this shrine to antiquity is one of Dublin’s oldest, most beautiful and best loved pubs. Exuding traditional charm and genuine Victorian originality, the interior dates from 1881.Over decades, politicians, playwrights and self proclaimed experts of all stripes have imbibed here side by side. Irish rock legend Phil Lynott recorded here the video for his hit-song ‘Old Town’ in 1982. Attentive Bartenders, a warm welcome and a friendly atmosphere await you.

Kehoe’s Pub in Dublin, Ireland. Grafton Street, Pub Signs, Paper Artist, All Poster, Rest Of The World, Guinness, Travel Posters, Irish, Archive

Kehoe’s Pub

Kehoe’s was first licensed in 1803, but the premises you see today was completed towards the end of the 19th century in typical Victorian style. Located just off Grafton Street, Kehoes remains one of the most unspoilt and atmospheric pubs in Dublin.

Hartigan’s Pub in Dublin, Ireland. Paper Artist, Dublin Ireland, Irish, Irish People, Ireland, Irish Language

Hartigan’s Pub

Hartigan’s has been around since the early 1720’s, and although under different names and different owners, the true tradition of a proper decent pint of plain (and all other drinks), with a friendly and cosy athmosphere has reigned throughout the years.Despite the fact that UCD is long gone from Earlsfort Terrace to Belfield, and St Vincent’s hospital to Elm Park, Hartigan’s has retained a loyal following from the faculties of medicine, and law ( and rugby) in the decades since. It is is…

The Harbour Bar in Bray, Co. Wicklow in Ireland. Bray Ireland, Bar Harbour, Pub Signs, Cool Bars, Lonely Planet, Travel Posters, Terrace, Irish, Mansions

The Harbour Bar

The Harbour Bar has been a fixture in Bray since it was first established in 1872. Later bought by the O’Toole family in 1932, it remained in their family until 2013, at which point the pub came up for sale and the O’Tooles passed ownership to their friends the Duggan family, who they knew would preserve its unique character. The building was originally a terrace of fisherman’s houses, a doorway knocked from one to the other so that each of the many rooms make the Harbour Bar a labyrinth of…