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Shop personalized wall mounted bog wood plaque with engraved blessing message to gift on any special occasion from our Irish gift online shopping store

Shop Engraved Irish Bog Wood Wall Plaque Online

Celebrate an important occasion or event with a personalised Bog Wood plaque. For centuries couples have been declaring their love by carving it in wood. An engraved bog wood piece captures the essence of this romance and creates a lasting impression. All our Bog Oak and Bog Yew pieces are carefully chosen, exquisitely crafted and featuring quality workmanship. We will skillfully personalise a piece for any special occasion with thoughtful text and carefully chosen font. The bog wood piece…

Fabulous birthday gift for Mum. Clock engraved with a special message or text and image. Mum Birthday Gift, Birthday Wall, Unique Birthday Gifts, Special Birthday, Birthday Greetings, Birthday Celebration, Parent Gifts, Gifts For Mum, Fabulous Birthday
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Buy Personalized Birthday Wall Clock Slate Online

Create the perfect birthday timepiece for a loved one. A truly unique birthday gift idea for Mum or Granny, but is also ideal as a gift between friends. Choose to add a favourite image of recipient, date of celebration and your personalised greeting. The clock face too is bespoke and designed particularly with the recipient in mind. Beautifully framed and featuring an image that captures a shared special moment, this is a timeless gift that will be treasured in any home. As with all our…

Buy personalized slate plaques or plates engraved with Irish blessings to gift someone on special events or function from our online Irish gifts shopping store Top Wedding Trends, Wedding Ideas, Anniversary Gifts For Parents, Irish Blessing, Irish Traditions, Irish Wedding, Parent Gifts, Personalized Wedding Gifts, Create Yourself
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Shop Engraved Slate Plaque/Plate with Irish Blessing Online

Traditional Irish blessing - a beautiful and timeless engraved gift. "May the road rise up to meet you, May the wind be always at your back." A traditional Irish blessing that is famous the world over. The words hold a special meaning, especially for those about to get married. This bespoke gift is complete with a personalised stamp image showing the special date and also intertwined wedding bands engraved with the names of the happy couple. As with all our products we will email you a…

Buy custom designed family tree laser engraved on slate and personalized with your family details to gift your parents from our online Irish gifts shopping store

Shop Personalized Family Tree Gift Online for Parents

Personalised Family Tree gift. Perfect gift for Parents or Grandparents. Family - through we may grow in different directions, our roots remain as one. Our exclusively designed Family tree gift brings your family tree to life. We will expertly engrave your family information to create a memorable and thoughtful gift for your parents or grandparents. The gift will be finished off with a black wood frame featuring a white linen insert and gold trim. Simply send us the information and we will…

Buy Christian name plate or plaque laser engraved on slate personalized with love thoughts to gift your special person from our online Irish gifts shopping store

Shop Personalized and Engraved Christian Name Plaque Online

Acrostic name poem gift that says it all! There are countless words we could use to describe a loved one, but why not choose just a few and link them to their Christian name or pet name? Known as an "acrostic name poem", this unique gift says all that you want to convey to a special person. This impressive, laser engraved gift is truly one of a kind, with special words chosen just to show how much a person is loved and well thought of. The image shows a special gift we created for Margaret…

Buy custom designed engraved slate gift personalized with poem, song, quote or lyrics to gift on all occasions from our online Irish gifts shopping store

Shop Unique Personalized Slate Online for All Occasions

Custom made gift for all occasions. Choose to engrave a cherished song or poem. Beautifully display a special poem, song, quote or lyrics for all to enjoy with this custom created slate gift. Have you received a wedding invitation and are now searching for a unique gift for the happy couple? If they have selected a song or poem for their wedding ceremony why not have the words engraved to create a lasting and thoughtful wedding gift. Or perhaps the lyrics to the song they used for their…

Shop unique design personalized ogham framed slate plaque engraved with greetings or blessings from our Irish gift online shopping store

Buy Custom Designed Ogham Framed Slate Plaque Online

Unique Irish Ogham engraved gift. For anyone who has a love of Ireland or celebrates their Irish heritage with style this is a special gift. Irish Gift Solutions have created a unique design on the ancient Irish script Ogham (pronounced “og-hum “). Ogham is part of our ancient Irish language that has roots going back to the Celtic Tree Alphabet. Pictured we have engraved “Dublin”. This plaque was specially requested for a couple moving to Australia to display in their new home, but…

Buy personalized slate plaque engraved on slate personalized with text, message or sayings to gift someone special from our online Irish gifts shopping store

Shop Personalized and Engraved Slate Plaque Online

Have any message, text, saying or phrase engraved to create a special gift.Sometimes you just want to convey a special message to someone, but you want the sentiment to last forever. An engraved gift can do just that. Our expertly engraved signs can capture any saying, favorite phrase, Irish proverb, song lyric or simple thank you that you wish to send to a loved one. Simply tell us the words you want to use and we will email you a layout to approve prior to creating your unique gift, or we…

Buy custom design engraved ancient ogham slate plaques gift for housewarming function from our Irish gift online shopping store

Shop Personalized Slate Plaque Engraved with Ogham Alphabets Online

Ancient Irish Ogham script engraved on natural Irish slate. If you’re Irish or you know someone who is then this makes a truly great gift. It’s a genuine taste of our Irish history that anyone with Irish Heritage will truly appreciate. Irish Gift Solutions have created a unique design on the ancient Irish script called Ogham (pronounced “og-hum “). Ogham is part of the ancient Irish language and has roots going back to the Celtic Tree Alphabet. This "Failte" gift engraved on natural slate…