Plants For Coastal Areas

Do you struggle finding plants that grow at the seaside! Hopefully this boards will give you a few ideas.
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Achillea Walter Funcke

Flowers JUNE-SEPT - Achillea 'Walther Funcke' Bright, terracotta flowers with flat heads

Hydrangea Macrophyllia Nikko Blue

hydrangea macrophylla - Small additions of ammonium sulfate produce a pleasing blue.

Spirea Shirobana

Spirea Shirobana

Anemone Splendens

Anemone Splendens delightful perennial for late summer colour masses of single pale pink saucer shaped flowers with yellow centre's stand on tall stems above dark green deeply cut semi evergreen foliage.

Achillea Cerise Queen

Risultati immagini per achillea millefolium cerise queen

Lychnis Arkwrightii Vesuvius

Lychnis Arkwrightii Vesuvius striking herbaceous perennials have lance shaped purple flushed dark green leaves and bears clusters of sensational bright orange - red star shaped flowers during summer.

Cortaderia Selloana Pink Feather

A large architectural Grass with eyecatching silky plums of pink flowers providing year round interest.

Carex Irish Green

Attractive semi-evergreen sedge with glossy green leaves and brown flower pinnacles during spring.

Achillea The Pearl

Sneezewort pure white double flower's create long lasting colour during summer. FREE DELIVERY on orders over to Ireland & Northern Ireland.

Buddleja Flutterby Butterfly Lavender

Buddleja Flutterby Butterfly Lavender deciduous shrub has a spreading habit with grey green lance shaped leaves and highly scented petite lavender coloured flower spikes

Buddleja Empire Blue

A highly scented deciduous Shrub with masses of violet blue flower spikes during summer. Free delivery on orders over to Ireland & Northern Ireland.

Buddleja Black knight

Buddleja Black knight large deciduous shrub has arching branches with green lance shaped leaves and highly scented long deep purple flower spikes that completely cover the plant during summer.

Achillea Lilac Beauty

Achillea Lilac Beauty bares large flat flower heads that are a pretty Lavender pink fade with age