Plants For Shady Area's

Do you find it hard to plant a shady area in your garden? On this board you'll find some plants that will thrive in the shade
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Euphorbia Polychroma

Euphorbia Polychroma a wonderful spring flowering plant and looks delightful in the border with spring bulbs such as Tulips and Daffodils

Anemone Splendens

Anemone Splendens delightful perennial for late summer colour masses of single pale pink saucer shaped flowers with yellow centre's stand on tall stems above dark green deeply cut semi evergreen foliage.

Astilbe Fanal

Astilbe Fanal lovely bronze green foliage from which plumes of crimson red flowers erupt from mid summer.

Astilbe Europa

Large plumes of pink flowers give a splendid show of colour planted in mixed borders during summer.

Euphorbia Humpty Dumpty

Euphorbia characias 'Humpty Dumpty' Growth: High x Spread Large yellow-green flowers on short compact plant, great for small gardens.

Ajuga Reptans

Bugle a good low maintenance ground covering perennial with attractive spikes of dark blue flowers. FREE DELIVERY on orders over to Ireland & Northern Ireland.

Astilbe Pumila

Astilbe Pumila lovely dark green deeply cut foliage from which plumes of mauve pink flowers erupt from mid summer.