Maps of Americas

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Thirty-Three Maps That Explain The United States Better Than Any Textbook

The Functional Art: An Introduction to Information Graphics and Visualization: Gorgeous infographics from Fortune magazine (March 1938 issue.

When they say Dakota, I wonder if they are meaning Dakota/Lakota/Nakota?

time-for-maps: “ Relative sizes of the United States and the European powers, ”

The Transatlantic slave trade known by some in Texas as the Atlantic triangular trade, sold at least million black Africans as slaves to work for white landowners on the other sid…

Did you know that the United Kingdom has the most diverse immigrant community in the world? Or that of people living in the UAE were born in other countries. Here are a few more fascinating facts about world migration.

Nuclear Plants - Nuclear power has flatlined, but still provide of US electricity

Post with 2925 votes and 564531 views. Most Commonly Spoken Language in Canada Other than English or French by Province/Territory (x-post r/MapPorn)

Nobody Lives Here: Census Blocks With Zero Population Dark green areas represent U. Census Blocks where the reported population equals zero.

Filmmakers love destroying America, at least onscreen. This Hollywood disaster map shows just when and where cinematic catastrophes have hit.

mapsontheweb: “ Early map of North America depicting California as an island ”