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Great way to organize screw guns,accessories, and their cases

[Add handles to move in for winter & back out for summer] This bench top storage cabinet stores your cordless drills, impact drivers, and nailers, while keeping their accessories, and chargers contained and close at hand.

I think I’m in love with this Combo Miter Saw Station and Lumber Rack from Instructables. Wood storage, saw stand, tabletop workspace, wheels… you can’t ask for more than this.

My ultimate garage set up! Combo Miter Saw Station Lumber Rack. I luv this idea for a workshop bench. My suggestion is to just make that miter station bolt on.

I have seen a few benches that incorporate a way to use and store several pieces of equipment in a smaller area. I designed this particular bench to free up space and yet give me a good work area for what ever project I may be working on. So far I...

Work bench - Woodworking creation by Boone's Woodshedthis is a nice design to incorporate the large tools into a sturdy workbench.

When you are searching for fantastic tips on wood working, then http://www.woodesigner.net can help out!

website no longer working but saving this for the wood storage idea for garage, could do this with a cleat system or metal brackets .

Zip tie storage in pvc pipes

Clever Cable Tie Organizer Made from PVC Pipe. We use zip ties for everything, but we can never find them! Discover other ways to use PVC pipe. An excellent organizer tool