Steampunk Sweater Spats Upcycle a sweater into these super cute embroidered steampunk spats

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Loana the Blood thirster. Ioana Constantinescu passed away in the autumn of Cause of death: Suicide by ‘purposeful ingesting large quanities of her own blood.’ - Stated by and concluded the official autopsy and coroners reports.


Winklepickers (also known as winkle pickers) are a style of shoe or boot worn from the onward by male and female British rock and roll fans.

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Spats is an abbreviation of 'spatterdash', a sartorial concept born in Century England as a protective accessory for military officers' boots against mud.


I made these spats based on the Laughing Moon pattern, although I had to do a huge amount of alteration to get them to fit my legs properly.