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Quickly declining. Marine Diatom, the jewels of the ocean, are phytoplankton which together form the foundation of the marine food chain and produce half the world's oxygen. They are declining precipitously.

Credit: Karl Bruun/Courtesy of Nikon Small World/AP Marine diatom cells (Rhizosolenia setigera), which are an important group of ph.

Plants 'seen doing quantum physics' - BBC

The idea that plants make use of quantum physics to harvest light more efficiently has received a boost. Plants gather packets of light called photons, shuttling them deep into their cells where their energy is converted with extraordinary efficiency.

Droplets of oleic acid spread across a thin film of glycerol on a silicon wafer. The shapes here are driven by hydrodynamic instabilities, particularly Marangoni effects due to the differences in surface tension between the two fluids. (Photo credit: A. Darhuber, B. Fischer and S. Troian) #Photography #Fluid_Dynamics #Surface_Tension

mucholderthen: “SURFACE TENSION DRIVEN FLOW Droplets of oleic acid spread across the surface of a silicon wafer coated with a thin liquid film of glycerol [ Princeton Art of Science ] Image by Anton.