The basics of hurling! This game is my life. Proud to be Irish

The basics of hurling! The greatest game on the planet. a ringing endorsement here from TwoTon Murphy.

Hurling Experience with Kilkenny Way Ireland

Hurling Experience with Kilkenny Way Ireland

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I Hurl because Im a raging lunatic

Laughing Pig Mens Funky T-shirts - I Hurl because I'm a raging lunatic

This silver pendant is based on the Irish hurley. Ireland's national game, hurling is arguably the fastest field sport in the world and quite possibly the oldest. It is played with sticks called hurleys, a ball known as a sliotar, and by two teams of 15 who play on a large pitch with goals at either end. The most famous early account of hurling is found in the Tain Bo Cuailgne, which describes the exploits of the Ulster hero Cú Chullainn. Hurling is mentioned a number of times in the text, …

Silver Hurley Necklace

Hurling / Camogie wall drills - YouTube

A selection of wall drills for honing your hurling / camogie skills. All you need is a ball, a stick, and a wall.