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14 Dogs With The Best Smiles For National Dog Day [PICTURES] - DogTime

A dog's smile can brighten our whole day. So we're honoring our pups on National Dog Day with photos of some of the best doggy smiles around.

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107 Hilariously Adorable Reasons Why The Queen Chose Corgis

Comical, cuddly and capricious, Corgis have continued to rule the internet with their various hijinks. While they might seem ridiculous at times, did you know that Corgis were originally the pets of warriors? Yes that’s right, the first breed of these snuggly dogs were brought over to Cardiganshire, Wales by a warrior tribe of Celts around 1200 BCE. Now, over 3000 years later, Corgis seem less like warriors and more like comedians.

Cutest little corgi puppy! Dog Boarding In Orlando & Dog Daycare & Dog Boarding Facilities Source by rockysretreat The post Dog Boarding In Orlando Cute Corgi Puppy, Corgi Dog, Cute Dogs And Puppies, Baby Dogs, Husky Puppy, Korgi Puppies, Funny Puppies, Collie Puppies, Pomeranian Puppy

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Things that make you go AWW! Like puppies, bunnies, babies, and so on... A place for really cute pictures and videos!.

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See a recent post on Tumblr from @continent-of-wild-endeavor about corgi. Discover more posts about dog, puppy, cute, コーギー, puppies, animals, and corgi.

From one corgi to another KingdomOfCat .guru is our new furry friend . Check of their web site Cute Corgi, Corgi Dog, Cute Puppies, Dogs And Puppies, Animals And Pets, Baby Animals, Cute Animals, Sweet Dogs, Pembroke Welsh Corgi

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It’s Tonge-out Tuesday! 😋👅 Linus approves. 😄👍 #TongueOutTuesday #Twinsies

This is a list of some of the cutest Corgi photos. You can add your own special Corgi photos to the list, and you can vote for your favorite pictures of Corgis. Baby Corgi, Cute Corgi Puppy, Corgi Dog, Cute Puppies, Cute Dogs, Dogs And Puppies, Doggies, Funny Dogs, Chubby Puppies

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my little corgi looks like Eevee! Find your best Corgi stuffs exclusively at Corgilover. Baby Corgi, Cute Corgi Puppy, Corgi Funny, Corgi Dog, Cute Puppies, Cute Dogs, Teacup Puppies, Pomeranian Puppy, Lab Puppies

23 Reasons Why You Should Never Own Corgis

Corgis will change your life. Don’t get one of these monsters. It will be the worst thing you ever do!

Funny pictures about Financial Analyst Corgi. Oh, and cool pics about Financial Analyst Corgi. Also, Financial Analyst Corgi photos. Cute Funny Animals, Funny Animal Pictures, Funny Cute, Funny Dogs, Animal Pics, Funny Photos, Funny Images, Hilarious, Animals And Pets

This concerned citizen

Because everyone could always use an extra dose of cute animals to get through the day, we've got 50 photos of animals being adorable and silly right here.

Adorable corgi puppy is looking for yummy ideas for dinner, he is searching the refridgerator for all the ingredients Cute Puppies, Cute Dogs, Dogs And Puppies, Christmas Puppy, Christmas Animals, Merry Christmas, Corgi Dog, Dog Cat, Welsh Corgi Pembroke

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Corgi Claus Of The Day

Okay, Mom! I am Corgi Claus! I am ready to give out all the gifts from under the tree!