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Fear of Loss

The psychological basis of all grief and mourning is attachment. Attachment and dependence occur because we feel incomplete within ourselves; therefore, we seek objects, people, relationships, places, and concepts to fulfill inner needs. Because they are unconsciously utilized to fulfill an inner need, they come to be identified as "mine." As more energy is poured…

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The Rebel Movement

There is such a broad spectrum of human archetypes playing out in what is occurring in the world right now. The TV show Continuum describes it quite well, actually. There are the extremist rebels who are so distraught with anger that they play it out on the sacrifice of their fellow humans, even though it…

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If you know that belief shapes your world, then it's time to decide what you believe, and, if you are not, START EXPRESSING IT. I may add some adjectives and nouns to this, but it's the egg cracking of this sort of thing for me. Get ready... Abolishment of Slavery and Declaration of Freedom | John Palombo

Hotel California ~ Andre Satie "There is one thing that needs defending, and it is the ego’s illusion. The ego may exist, but the world it creates for you does not. Amazing Friends, Best Friends, Abstract Writing, Hotel California, Writings, Illusions, Poems, Articles, Facebook


There is one thing that needs defending, and it is the ego's illusion. The ego may exist, but the world it creates for you does not.

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Jellyfish Fairies

Translucent membranes, films of skeletal matrix, I peer through you into the world beyond. In this liquid realm, like sitting at the bottom of a jello bowl, folds forming and then releasing, directions initiated and then retracted, spirals of movement dancing to no audible tune, but from within. Rippling waves of language, informing my being,…

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Oh, my, yes, it feels good to just let out whatever comes to mind, like I am not really the writer, though I hold this pin, but some primordial consciousness that is moving through me. Sometimes my teeth hurt a little. Mostly they're okay. I wish I would get my metal removed, and get that…

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If there were hope

If there were hope (which I know there is not) I would hope for silver string beans With which starlight we would besot.

The Real State of Nature – A Reflection on the 2003 Blackouts Abstract Writing, Latest Gossip, New York Life, Great Names, Left Alone, Baby Boom, Life S, Bollywood Stars, Illusions

What do you think you’re doing here?

...we are eyebrow deep in the self-deception that we must constantly be in control in order to have security and to not have fear; all the while it is this very notion that is destroying us (and causing a deep paranoia, not to mention) in every moment of our life’s expenditure to uphold this grand…

In the end, people will judge you anyway. Don't live your life impressing others. Live your life impressing yourself. Lessons Learned In Life Lessons Learned In Life, Life Lessons, Namaste, Thought Wallpaper, Life Thoughts, Deep Thoughts, Random Thoughts, Random Things, Happy Thoughts

What a deep and conscious man looks for in a woman

Most of all, have fun! Go with the flow. Things don’t always go the way you think or hope they will, but life is rich and there is much to be lived in it – so many colors and textures that are really worth being reveled in. You never know what seemingly wrong turn will…