Triple Pearl, Black

Silver with Stones Gems Pearls or Glass : Trollbeads Triple Black Pearl


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Wave of Dreams

Wave of Dreams


Trollbeads: Pumpkin Bead - In the dim light from the pumpkin lanterns bats are flying around creating a scary atmosphere.

Noh Mask

Trollbeads Noh Mask: Noh is a classical, Japanese musical drama, which has been performed since the century. It is characterized by a slow pace, simple elegance and the use of distinctive masks.

Troll with Big Feet

Troll with Big Feet

Three Monkeys

The three monkeys from the Japanese culture.

Bead of Fortune

Bead of Fortune Bead. Separates into parts, for fortune telling, I guess


Trollbeads: Amethyst Bead - The color purple is the color of inspiration and of art. The Amethyst helps us realize that the strongest boundaries are the ones we put for ourselves and then it helps us break them down and find a new way.

Violet Flower

Each glass bead tells a story. Our beads are handmade of Italian glass and are each special in their own way.

Fashion Flower

Trollbeads: White Steel Bead - No two beads are alike. Thin threads of steel are encased in snow-white glass in this exciting and different Trollbead.