Annie Moore.  The first immigrant to come through Ellis Island, New York. Cobh, County Cork, Ireland.

This pin shows a statue of Annie Moore located in Ellis Island. Annie Moore was the first immigrant to come through Ellis Island, New York. Annie Moore was an immigrant from Ireland.

Dublin 1946

Grafton St, 1946 - Fadó Fadó: Irish Memory: Old Dublin Photographs

October 3rd 1957 O'Connell Street, Dublin

O'Connell Street, Dublin, 1957 - Nelson's Pillar still intact

Looking at Sackville Street from Carlisle Bridge

28 years before the Rising at the GPO,,



O'Connell Street

Old images of Dublin Photographs


Ariel view of O'Connell Bridge, Dublin

Old Dublin Town

Street traders on O'Connell Bridge, Dublin.

vintage High Res Photos of Dublin from 100 Years Ago (1)

vintage everyday: Dublin in the early Photography – 28 Historic Pictures Documented Daily Life of the Capital of Ireland before 1900

General Post Office, 1910

Dublin Ireland, with Nelson's pillar, horse trams and the General Post Office