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Ancient Cranial Surgery: Practice of Drilling Holes in the Cranium That Dates Back Thousands of Years Crane, Graffiti 3d, Creepy History, Curious Facts, Skull Island, Macabre Art, Human Skull, Skull And Crossbones, Ancient Aliens

Ancient Cranial Surgery: Practice of Drilling Holes in the Cranium That Dates Back Thousands of Years

Last year, archaeologists excavating burial caves in the south-central Andean province of Andahuaylas in Peru discovered the remains of 32 individuals dating back between 750 and 1000 years and, incre

Woman buried with three clasps from Bucheres, France (© Denis Gliksman, Inrap) Alexandre Le Grand, Celtic Culture, Celtic Mythology, Norse Vikings, Mystery Of History, Galo, Iron Age, Anglo Saxon, Picts

La Tène Era 'Celtic' Burials from France

A number of spectacular La Tène era 'Celtic' burials have recently been uncovered by archaeologist working at Buchères in north central France. These exceptional Gaulish graves are rare discovery in this part of France and as the images below show, they represent a truly remarkable find.

Mary Ann Bernal: University of Bradford, UK, courtesy of Anthea Boylston - An example of cranial trauma from the Battle of Towton. Richard Iii, European History, Ancient History, Crane, Battle Of Agincourt, Skull Reference, Plantagenet, Wars Of The Roses, Aliens And Ufos

University of Bradford, UK, courtesy of Anthea Boylston - An example of cranial trauma from the Battle of Towton. The Exiles - Company of Medieval Martial Artists The Bloody Cost...

Deformed skull found at Mutter museum, Real Human Skull, Skull Reference, Human Oddities, 3d Studio, Thing 1, Skull And Bones, Creature Design, Skull Art, Oeuvre D'art

deformed skull

Explore zenosaurus' photos on Flickr. zenosaurus has uploaded 1630 photos to Flickr.

The Ancient Mayans fashioned crude Silver Spring dental implants out of shell and bone. A female Mayan skull bone dating back to was discovered in Honduras in the and it still had shell fragments sticking out of some of the tooth sockets! Skeleton Drawings, Human Skeleton, Human Skull, Skull Reference, Blackout Tattoo, Surreal Artwork, Artists And Models, Skulls And Roses, Drawing Projects

Human Osteology Courses in the UK

Please see an updated entry for fees and courses the 2015/2016 academic year here and the 2018/19 academic year here. This is something I should have done a while ago. Regardless, whilst I was doing some light research for another article I made a quick list of every course in the UK that offers human osteology…

Skull found in a mass grave at battle of Towton in England. Wounds on the skull are a testament to the ferocity and barbarity of the battle. Note the massive cut wound from sword or axe above this chap's upper lip. Military Art, Military History, Australian Aboriginals, Unusual Facts, Sword Fight, Wars Of The Roses, Medieval Manuscript, Viking Age, Interesting History

sword fight

Hi Im a newbie and my question is posted in full to save time. This guy got a splitting headache 700 years ago when Australian Aboriginals usually had only wood / stone weapons. It seems that a blade-edge thicker than 2mm or 1/12 inch will not give this clean-cut wedge-chop from bone but will fra...

The Porsmose Man (historicalbodies) Tags: male skeleton denmark skull europe head arrow arrowhead embedded 3500 Ancient Aliens, Ancient History, Sea Peoples, Vintage Oddities, Vietnam War Photos, Picture Tag, Ancient Artifacts, Skull And Bones, Weird World

The Porsmose Man

The Porsmose Man was a thirty five to forty year old male who was found in 1946 in the Porsmose Bog near Naestved, Denmark. He had been killed by arrows in about 3500 BC. One bone arrow pierced his nose and mouth, but this shot did not kill him. Instead, he was mortally wounded by an arrow that went through his breastbone into his aorta. The bone arrow head was found lodged in his skull.

Skull of Lincoln Assassination Conspirator, Lewis Thornton Powell Skull Reference, Figure Reference, Drawing Reference, Lewis Powell, Abraham Lincoln Life, Lincoln Assassination, Anatomy Bones, Skeleton Art, Skull Island

The National Museum of Health and Medicine and the Lincoln Assassination

The National Museum of Health and Medicine is a medical museum located in Silver Spring, Maryland. The museum has a long history and was originally founded during the Civil War as the Army Medical Museum. Its original purpose was to be a repository for, "all specimens of morbid anatomy, surgical or medical, which may be…

Human skull isolated on a black background. Skull Reference, Anatomy Reference, Real Human Skull, Skull Anatomy, Skull Sketch, Skull Painting, Large Painting, Desenho Tattoo, Skulls And Roses


人間の頭蓋骨は、黒い背景に分離しました。 の写真素材をダウンロード。低価格でご購入いただけます。 Image 25502682.

Human Male Skull with a Gunshot Wound - Bone Clones, Inc. Skull Anatomy, Human Anatomy, Skull Reference, Skeleton Bones, Human Skull, Clay Art, Fossils, Skulls, Creepy

Human Male Skull with a 32-caliber Gunshot Wound - Bone Clones, Inc. - Osteological Reproductions

This human male skull exhibits the trauma associated with a large caliber bullet wound. A sharply circumscribed semicircular defect (entry wound) appears in the left side of the frontal bone and a larger, more irregular defect (exit wound) is found in the left side of the occipital bone.

Twilight Histories Podcast - Mozart was buried in an unmarked grave just outside Vienna in The grave digger put a chord around Mozart's neck so he could be sure it was him. Ten years later, he dug up the grave and retrieved this skull. Black White Photos, Black And White, Momento Mori, Historical Artifacts, Alternate History, Human Skull, Skull And Bones, Skull Art, Ancient Art

Mozart's Skull: University Mozarteum

Discover Mozart's Skull: University Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria: Mozart's skull may be held in this collection, but definitive proof continues to elude scientists.