Lily koi pond trompe l'oeil mosaic floor

Cool piece of garden art- the look of a pond without the maintenance! ----- Trompe l'oeil fish pond mosaic by Gary Drostle, Woolwich, UK.

Barcelona - Gran Via 542 n

Tiles… Barcelona - Gran Via 542 n Handmade tiles can be colour coordinated and customized re. shape, texture, pattern, etc. by ceramic design studios

art nouveau tile, Barcelona..

Art Nouveau tile by Rhodes Courtesy Robert Smith, from his book "Art Nouveau Tiles with Style". Photoshopped by Catherine Hart.

beautiful tiles

yama-bato: “ Fritware tile panel, painted in blue, turquoise, and moss green under a transparent glaze Turkey, Iznik; 1540 H: W:

Art Nouveau Majolica - Made in France - 1890 to 1910 - Ceramic Tile

Originating in the Middle East, the earliest evidence of ceramic tile art decorations dates back to Ancient Egypt to around BCE

Carol Long  |  Poppy Tile.

Poppy Tile--Carol Long Pottery - things that make you go "Ooooohhhh!

William De Morgan's Pre-Raphaelite Turquoise Thistle Pattern Tiles

William De Morgan's Pre-Raphaelite Turquoise Thistle Pattern Tiles seen on Michele Tetreault Gypsy Board

回  Tile o Phile  回   Tile by Lisa Larson.

"Two Birds" - Designed in 1961 by Lisa Larson for Gustavsberg, Sweden. Made of white stoneware, handpainted and partly glazed it was released as part of the UNIK series.