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Incredible reading management binder to track student progress. Every form you will need for assessing students and developing instruction.

Free Editable Reading Management Binder

Use this reading management binder to plan and organize your reading workshop. Includes a wide variety of pages to make planning easier.

Great idea for summer, with free ice cream printable, too!

Ice Cream & Sprinkles Alphabet Writing Practice

Great idea for summer, with free ice cream printable, too!

Sight word crayon rubbings make practicing sight words very fun. {Sugar Aunts}

Sight Word Crayon Rubbing Activity - The OT Toolbox

This sight word activity has been so much fun. I got the idea when Big Sister came home from school with some sight word crayon rubbings. She made them during centers in her Kindergarten class. I had the idea that we could make our own version at home for added practice (and fun!). We ... Read more

Building Word Families puzzle game. This is a great activity for the students to make words and be able to push their sounds.

Word Families- puzzle piece game

This is a great activity for the students to build word families. This packet is a three puzzle piece game that you can put in the literacy center, or use for small groups. This packet includes all short a,e,i,o,u CVC sounds. With this game the student can work on beginning sounds, blends, vowels...

Could see this being adapted for Math equations with answer on tubes and equation on balls. Several balls could be dropped into the same tube.

Alphabet Ping-Pong Drop Literacy Game - The Imagination Tree

Make a fun and engaging early literacy game for kids using alphabet ping pong balls and letter tubes. Exciting, fun and adaptable for younger and older kids!

Story Stones are a Creative Way to Tell Stories and Also Offer Sensory Play Experience. Learn How to Make Story Stones and Use them to Facilitate Storytelling - driven by the kids themselves.

How To Make Story Stones and Facilitate Group Storytelling (Plus Birthday Pics)

Do you love stories? I absolutely do! Today (as I appear here after nearly two weeks) my head is buzzing with dozens of stories to tell you all from the

Blends and digraphs.  Students toss a button/whatever in a cup, come up with a word that starts with that, then adds it to the group chart.

Toss and Blend: A Carnival Game | Activity |

This version of the carnival game where you try to toss chips into a cup, to win a fabulous prize, gives kids a boost in early writing and reading.

Lots of guided reading videos

Kindergarten Guided Reading Instruction


Literacy Worksheets {16 FREEBIES}

Literacy Worksheets {FREEBIES}

Free, fun and useful Kindergarten - 1st Grade, Common Core aligned lesson plans, math games, calendars, behavior charts, materials and more!

Here is what they do. One child reads their page while the other child listens. After that child is done reading, the listener turns on the 'light bulb' and tells what they heard the reader read.

I Heard You Read . . . Light Bulb Moments

I know you have all watched cartoons at some time in your lives . . . right? Every time a cartoon character has an idea, a light bulb ap...

Rhyming bridge is falling down,  falling down,  falling down,  Rhyming bridge is falling down  My fair lady-o.  Whoever was caught in the bridge had to come up with a pair of words that rhymed before they were released.  eg. bear, chair

Mrs. Bremer's Class

A blog of teaching ideas and activities for K-2 classrooms, including centers, reading and writing ideas, thematic learning, and much more!

Ziploc bags with tempera paint! A non-messy way for kids to practice, color mixing, letter tracing or counting! #preschoolactivities #writinggames #aphabetgame

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Ziploc bags with tempera paint! A non-messy way for kids to practice, color mixing, letter tracing or counting! #preschoolactivities #writinggames #aphabetgame

Word work stamp in the sand plus tons of summer themed activities your preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten kiddos will LOVE! #preschool #pre-k #summertheme

Summer Activities & Centers for Little Learners - Pocket of Preschool

Summer is finally here, and it’s time to celebrate with FUN, hands-on SUMMER themed activities your little learners will go bonkers for! Take the learning outside or get messy inside and enjoy the summer season. Grab your lesson planner, and lets jump right in! If you would like ALL the Summer Themed Math & Literacy...Read More

Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes: Tracking print--the FUN way!

Tracking print--the FUN way!

One important part of teaching is to make sure that the students are engaged in learning, whether it be a whole group, small group, or independent activity. One way I encourage my students to remain engaged while reading (or counting) is using FUN print trackers!! We have martian fingers from Really Good Stuff... ...googly eye sticks (made from googly eyes and a popsicle stick)... pointers from either Walmart or The Dollar Tree... and LASER lights!! As you can see, we use a variety…